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Finally Friday Midtown. Time for the weekend.

I took my bicycle to work this morning. Nice ride when the sun came out. I TRIED to ride slower, but that didn’t happen.

Work was slow all day long. I listened to a beer podcast as the minutes went by.

The ride home was great. The temperature was nearly 70 degrees outside. LOVED IT. I wore my t-shirt and shorts. Hello spring. There were so many cars at Shelby Farms, the cars were parked along Farm Rd.

shelby farms

MANY people were riding bicycles along the Greenline. Awesome. And to the guy who was pushing a twin stroller along the Greenline while riding a skateboard, this post is for you. Downhill must have been great. Uphill… well I am not sure about that. Still, he appeared to have fun pushing those kids.

After dinner I stopped in at Young Ave Deli for a beer and the beer tasting tonight. Black Magic, you were great. Love you. Now if I could get just the beer in a bottle.

THE POWER OF BEER. If you have been reading this blog lately, I have posted about breaking ANOTHER camera.

broken game

The last few nights I have attempted to take apart two cameras (they are the same exact model). I did this while drinking beer. I was stuck with three stuck screws in one camera which refused to budge. I picked up a second tiny screwdriver tonight at the store and was able to unscrew the last three screws. I switched out one broken battery door out for a working battery door. Guess what? The camera worked! Thanks beer!

I have been reading about a new video game lately. The Castle Doctrine. The game is very simple. You have a family and a house. And you have a safe. You must keep thieves from stealing your money. BUT… you can go out and steal from another house. This game is a big MMO. Play against the world in real-time, steal from others, but don’t get caught. Sounds like an interesting game. The best part is that the game is only $8 to download for the PC. Gonna check out Castle Doctrine tonight.

The plan for tomorrow? Chiwawas maybe. Crawfish downtown? Yes. I’m coming for you Saturday. Be ready for me. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

3/16/13 Mudbugs in March 2pm – 8pm – Court Square Park $5 admission. Beer, music and mudbugs. Go!

3/17/13 Crawfish Boil – Slider Inn (Cooper and Peabody) $15 = 2 pound = 1 plate. Live music to boot. Go!

4/13/13 Overton Square Crawfish Festival 12-6p.m. Get your mudbugs!

4/19/13 Broad Ave. Spring Arts Walk – 5-10 p.m. FREE! Go!

4/20/13 V&E Greenline Art Walk – 11:30 – 6 p.m. FREE! Go buy some art!

4/21/13 Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival – 12-6 p.m. FREE (admission) Get yourself some mudbugs.

4/27/13 Southern Hot Wing Festival – 11-6 p.m. $7.50 (advance) Go! I LOVED this event last year.

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day – Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!