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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I hope your day was good.

My day started at Republic Coffee. Music from the 80’s was playing in the joint. An interesting way to start the day. Although the temperature was cold this morning, I enjoyed the bike ride.

And another interesting day at work. Some people believe the rules do not apply to them. “Yes I received that letter in the mail, but I didn’t read it” (Hmmmm…. not… to… smart) Of course you didn’t read that letter.

The good news? I received an email that the Bike to Work Day  in Memphis is getting ready to roll in May on the 17th. I had a good time last year riding from Otherlands Coffee Shop to downtown with others.

bike to work memphis 2012

And the free items given away were excellent (I am still using that messenger bag! Thank you!).

bike to work swag 2

Read more about Bike To Work Day from the website: www.biketoworkmemphis.com

“Bookmark this page and check back often for the latest information about practice rides, meetups, and other fun events taking place in April and May.”

I am VERY interested in the practice rides and meetups. Yeah, I ride to work daily, but the practice rides still sound fun. Have more questions? There is a F.A.Q. page here.

It appears the “wine in grocery stores” bill has been killed. I am so pleased to know that those politicians are taking care of the working public. Maybe next year.

The ride home this evening was not fun. Even though the temperature was warmer, the wind was in my face the entire ride. And I had a basket full of dirty clothes. Sometimes I wonder if others think I am homeless. And my ride took longer than usual. I have to work late Wednesday, so I may leave the bicycle at home tomorrow. I think I am just tired of the cold weather and wind. The warmer temperatures did bring out MANY cyclists today along the Greenline though.

I am thinking of checking out the KROC center soon. Since the center is just half a block away from home, the place has gotten my interest.

The Kwik Mart at E. Parkway S. and Central is NOT selling beer! I noticed the beer section had been running low lately. Now the store is DRY. No more beer. I asked about the beer and only received the answer, “We don’t sell beer”. Hmmmm….

Done. I am beat. Time to relax. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and coffee. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

3/14/13 Brew Movement Against MS – Pink Palace Museum, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Cost? $30 (advance tickets)

3/16/13 Mudbugs in March 2pm – 8pm – Court Square Park $5 admission. Beer, music and mudbugs. Go!

3/17/13 Crawfish Boil – Slider Inn (Cooper and Peabody) $15 = 2 pound = 1 plate. Live music to boot. Go!

4/13/13 Overton Square Crawfish Festival 12-6p.m. Get your mudbugs!

4/19/13 Broad Ave. Spring Arts Walk – 5-10 p.m. FREE! Go!

4/20/13 V&E Greenline Art Walk – 11:30 – 6 p.m. FREE! Go buy some art!

4/21/13 Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival – 12-6 p.m. FREE (admission) Get yourself some mudbugs.

4/27/13 Southern Hot Wing Festival – 11-6 p.m. $7.50 (advance) Go! I LOVED this event last year.

5/17/2013 Bike to Work Day – Ride on down to downtown with others. It’s fun!