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Weekend Midtown. Enjoy your day in the snow?

My day began at Republic Coffee. I sat down, ordered coffee, checked the news and read my library book “Heads in Beds“.

Yes, I finished the book. I learned things that I DIDN’T want to know about the hotel industry. But still a good book. And FREE from the Memphis Library.

Next stop? Whole foods for the Ghost River beer tasting.

Ghost River Beer tasting

Oink. I really wanted to try out the Black Magic beer. I spoke to the Ghost River rep at length. At this time Ghost River is cranking out as much beer as they possibly can. Another thing that I learned; the store can only host TWO beer tastings a month. (Dumb!) And the store has to email the alcohol commission with the event date and event details. Weird. Really. But wait, back to the beer. That Black Magic beer was very good. Loved it. The beer came in growlers. I may have to go by the dock and pick up a growler or two next week. (Sorry no other pictures, I was talking to much about beer)

Next stop? Young Avenue Deli. Memphis Made Brewing was at the bar selling t-shirts for the new brewery.

Memphis Made Brewing t-shirt

Memphis Made Brewing

Awesome. I paid my $15 and received my t-shirt. I spoke quickly to the brewer about the brewery and future plans. Can’t wait for MMB to open in my neighborhood. I took the bicycle out for the trip. I have to ride uphill, both ways, in the snow, to get a t-shirt, for a brewery that has yet to open. That my friends is called DEDICATION. IT WAS SO COLD OUTSIDE! I didn’t put on my cold weather gear. I cycled naked. Well not naked like you think. I mean I didn’t take my toolkit with me for the ride. But I did take my gloves. Brrrr… Nice to ride in the bike lanes on Cooper.

Dean sent me a message last night. He stated that I should check out The Brew Movement at Pink Palace. I knew about the event, and then I forgot about the event. It is not Memphis Beer Week yet! So many beers, so little time. Here are the details. March 14th, Pink Palace Museum, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Cost? $30 (advance tickets). Can there be MORE beer events in Memphis? Thank you for the reminder Dean.

Done. Time for some


and beers. See you back here for more beer, bikes and books. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Brew Movement Against MS – March 14th, Pink Palace Museum, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Cost? $30 (advance tickets)

3/16/13 Mudbugs in March 2pm – 8pm – Court Square Park $5 admission. Beer, music and mudbugs. Go!

3/17/13 Crawfish Boil – Slider Inn (Cooper and Peabody) $10 = 1 pound = 1 plate. Live music to boot. Go!