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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Have a drink on me.

I had a drink… a couple of cups of coffee that is. Sitting at Republic Coffee, I got some of that morning go-go juice to start the day right. At work today I moved cars around the city. Not my most favorite thing to do, but at least I am not digging ditches.

So, more events here in Memphis to discuss. “My name is… NOT Kid Rock”. But YOU can see Kid Rock at the FedExForum, 3/1/2013. Sooo…. I do have a Kid Rock story to tell. I have several stories, but you get this one story. Many years ago I was working at a live music venue. I received a call from an important agent. “We are doing an event at your venue with Kid Rock. Here is the telephone number for the manager (FORMER manager) of Kid Rock. I want you to call his manager, go over all of the event information. Give him all of the event details. Make sure he gets it all.” Okay. This is a first. I have never been asked to call an artists manager and go over event details. But the gig seems pretty easy. I hung up the phone with the agent and dialed the number given. “Hello?” I introduced myself, told him who I was with, which theater I was at and began to get into the event details. I went over seating capacity, door and show time, ticket prices and fee’s on top of ticket prices; the works. I talked and talked and talked. He had ALL of the venue information about the upcoming event. I left nothing out. I then asked, “Do you have any questions?” There was a long pause at the other end of the line. “We are playing in your state?” Lonnnnng sigh on my end of the phone. “Yes…he…is… playing… here…” Doh! Did he NOT read the tour route??? Things like this occur all of the time in show business. I will not even go into my “What are the B-A-N-D ticket holds?” story from a different manager.  Really? You work in live entertainment and you can’t figure THAT out? Sound it out. I wonder who booked the b.a.n.d.? Doh! Or the tour accountant who checked into a hotel under an assumed name (who does this??? Nobody cares about tour accountants. Your not famous!). And yes, unfortunately I have a million other TRUE stories just like those. So go check out Kid Rock Friday night at FedExForum.

Another event. I found this event using Twitter:

“Whole Foods in East Memphis to host in-store tasting Saturday @GhostRiverBrew beers: http://fuzzybrew.com/2013/02/whole-foods-in-east-memphis-to-host-in-store-tasting-saturday-of-ghost-river-beers/ …

“They made our great water into great beer! Come sample Ghost River’s best on Saturday 3/2 from 1-5pm.” – WholeFoodsPop (via Twitter)

“The Whole Foods Market in East Memphis will host an in-store tasting on Saturday, March 2, of beers from Ghost River Brewing.

Ghost River’s Golden Ale, Copperhead Red and Black Magic will be sampled at the event, which runs from 1 to 5 p.m. The store is located at 5022 Poplar Ave.” –Fuzzy Brew

So Saturday 3/2 at Whole Foods on Poplar there will be a beer tasting of Ghost River products. I have tasted the Copperhead Red and Golden Ale, but I have yet to try the Black Magic. Yes, you will see me there, AGAIN for the beer tasting. Free beer and food? Sign… me… up.

More events. Crawfish. Wait, you already posted a crawfish event yesterday; Mudbugs in March. Well there is another mudbug event. This event is happening at Slider Inn (Cooper and Peabody).  Crawfish Boil, 3/17/13. $10 for 1 pound = 1 plate of love. Get yourself some mudbugs, beers and live music. You can’t go wrong with that.

Lastly, I am reading a new book from the Memphis Public Library. “Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and so-called Hospitality” by Jacob Tomsky.

This book is laugh out loud funny. Want to get free mini bar drinks? Read this book. Want better service during your next hotel stay? Read the book. The book is a page turner. You may not want to EVER drink out of a hotel room glass EVER again after reading this book. The author dishes on the industry big time. He is telling ALL of the hotel secrets. Excellent book. And it is mine to read for FREE, thanks to the Memphis Library.

Done. Time for some German beer. Cheers.

Spaten octoberfest

Memphis Events:

3/2/13 Ghost River Beer Tasting – Whole Foods – Poplar 1-5 FREE – Go!

3/16/13 Mudbugs in March 2pm – 8pm – Court Square Park $5 admission. Beer, music and mudbugs. Go!

3/17/13 Crawfish Boil – Slider Inn (Cooper and Peabody) $10 = 1 pound = 1 plate. Live music to boot. Go!