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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I may have TWO beers, after all of the wind I fought riding home and computer HARDWARE issues I dealt with this evening.

The bicycle ride to work this morning was fine, except for that part at the top of Shelby Farms. Man, that wind was blow-ing. I spent the last two miles looking for a red flashing light that I lost yesterday. The light fell off somewhere along Farm Rd. This morning I spent my time riding and looking for that light. For those of you keeping count at home, this is TWO red flashing lights I have lost in TWO months. (“I’m good, aren’t I?”) My time was good though this morning, even with the wind.

Riding home was a different story. That wind was now coming from the west, oh, just where I’m headed. When I made it to the east side of the Greenline, I thought the tree’s would block the wind. No such luck. That wind was killer. Two miles from the end of the ride, my legs were beat. That west blowing wind added 15 minutes to my ride.

I did find something though during the ride home. While looking for that missing light, I happened to see something in the center of Farm Rd. My missing light! I predicted that the light would end up on the side of the road. For whatever reason, the light was in the center of the street. Luckily the light still worked.

Arriving home, I found my new Atrix Lapdock inside.

“What’s that for?” My Raspberry Pi Lap Top. The Atrix has a screen and keyboard. The Pi is the brains. I set the lapdock up and…. oh yeah, I have to get a couple of cables to connect the Pi to the dock. Ooops. I only need TWO cables. But the cables are very different from anything standard. You do not have these cables at home. Anywhere. No matter how hard you look for them. Trust me. Even with a diagram, the thought process is difficult. “Male to female, one end regular size, one end micro size.” Who knew it would be this difficult. Enough to give you a headache that is. Radio Shack may have one cable, but I doubt they have both. More research ahead.

Time for a beer! For my headache or two.

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