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Manic Monday Midtown.

What a lazy day Sunday. I purchased a couple of SD cards to use for my new Raspberry Pi. And I attempted to get some games to work using the Raspberry Pi. FAIL. I’m not sure what the error was (probably a USER error). Doh! There is a new program that was just released that may help me us Raspberry Pi. Wish me luck.

Sunday afternoon we walked over to Cafe Ole for a couple of drinks. Yes, I had the LARGE beer (Ghost River Copperhead Red).

cafe ole

My wife had a few margaritas. We also ate some chips and dip. Good stuff. I am glad we walked, not a good idea to drive back home after those few drinks.

Monday morning I headed to Republic Coffee for some go-go juice. After a couple of cups of coffee, I headed east along the Greenline. My legs felt great riding down the Greenline. I placed my commuter bag on the bicycle slightly different today. Instead of placing the bag with dress clothes on top of the bicycle basket, I placed the bag on the opposite side of the bicycle, attaching the bag to the side of the pannier rack.

Bicycle bag

I used my bungee cords to hold the bag in place. The whole setup worked very well. I have a second collapsible bicycle basket that I still need to attach to the bicycle in the very near future.

During my ride, I came across Mr. Little heading west on his ride to work. We said hello and I continued eastward. And that Greenline bird is still nesting near the SCDC.

Greenline Bird

Greenline Bird

The ride to work was excellent. I didn’t worry about my ride time as I usually do. Loved the ride. The only problem came at the 10 mile point. The wind was blowing at the bottom of Shelby Farms in my face.

The ride home? Good. By the time I reached Shelby Farms, I felt some rain coming down. I stopped to quickly put on my rain poncho (dang, I need to wash that thing!) and kept on riding. My legs were in GREAT condition. My speed was excellent. The final ride time was 5 minutes under my usual time. Awesome. Just in time as the rain really began to fall.

Done. Time for a

Spaten octoberfest

and I will see YOU back here for more beers, bikes, and birds. Cheers.