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And… happy Saturday. Busy day, so let’s get started.

First stop? Republic Coffee for some go-go juice. I sat and had a few cups of the dark brown drink.

Second stop? Cost Saver on Madison for BEER.

cost saver on madison beer selection

Good beer at a low price that is.

Spaten octoberfest

I purchased FOUR six packs. Oink. The total? $18 and change.

Next stop? Donuts. Gibson’s Donuts that is.



I took the bicycle over to Gibson’s. From Central, I headed thru the Liberty Bowl parking lot to Southern. I headed east along Southern, then over to Spottswood, then Mendenhall. The ride was okay, except there were parts of Southern I did not like. A bit much debris in the bicycle lane.

After getting me some donuts, it was beer tasting time. I made my way north to Whole Foods on Poplar.

New belgium beer tasting poplar

I left my backpack at the customer service counter and headed back for the beer tasting.

New belgium beer tasting Poplar

So I asked the New Belgium rep Todd the new beer tasting rules for supermarkets. You can only sample three beers. The store has to be 15,000 square feet. The rep cannot pour the beer. The rep had great information about the beers and the company. Good guy. I was told there will be a beer tasting at Joe’s Liquor store this Thursday. I cannot find any information about the event, but will continue to search for the beer tasting (big beers!).

Yes I tasted the beers Snow Day, Dig and Shift. Liked the stuff.

New Belgium beer glass

Oh yeah, FREE beer glass was also included during the tasting. I like FREE beer and FREE beer glasses. (Notice my model bicycle behind the glass?)

Then it was time for the ride home. This time I chose to head north down Mendenhall, head west along Cole, Tuckahoe, then Walnut Grove Rd. The ride home was 10 minutes longer than the ride east, but that was fine.

Dinner. Outback Steakhouse. We had gift certificates to use.

outback steak house

Steak and shrimp. Oink. And we have one more gift certificate to use. Even better.

When we finally arrived home from dinner, I started up my new Raspberry Pi. I know “some” technical stuff, but not a great deal. The setup was straight forward. I used my t.v. to mess around with the Pi.

raspberry pi

This is the desktop look. I added wifi to the Pi and surfed the web. The system worked fine. Now I have to figure out how to add games. Hmmm….

Time for a drink! How about….


and a few

Spaten octoberfest

See YOU back here for more beer, bikes and Pi. Cheers.