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Finally Friday Midtown. Or should I say… Bicycle Friday?

Yes, I took the bicycle to work this morning. Very few people were out along the Greenline this morning at 8:15 a.m. And yes, the ride was cold. I was hoping for more fog though. Why? The Greenline makes for good pictures when fog sets in. As I approached the SCDC (or what I like to call “jail”), a man shouted at me to notice something along the Greenline path. More on this later. I got into a groove at the bottom of Shelby Farms and made it to work in one hour.

If you do not have a Twitter account, you need one. I find out about many events this way. Sooo… today’s find is about the beer tasting event Saturday 2/23/13 starting at 1:00 p.m. at Whole Foods on Poplar. Here is the tweet:

“Our friends @newbelgium will be riding into town Saturday, 2/23 to sample their seasonal best! 1-5pm, 21+ only. Come thirsty!”

New Belgium? I’m game. Sounds like a bicycle ride to Whole Foods is in the cards tomorrow.

And speaking of beer, I also found this article using Twitter. Kerry over at www.ILoveMemphisBlog.com has found GOOD CHEAP BEER near my home. I was just taking about deals for beer today with a co-worker. “If I found some good cheap beer, I would buy A TON of it.” Wishes do come true people. Kerry has discovered that Cash Saver (formerly Piggly Wiggly on Madison, or what we used to call it “The Pig”) has craft beer for cheap. MMMmmmm…. Yes, I will be there tomorrow before the beer tasting. Spaten Oktoberfest for $3.88 (plus 10% on top)? That is a CRAZY price. My kind of crazy that is. Thanks Kerry for the BEST POST EVER.

Riding home, I found that I was riding at a slower pace. I just couldn’t pick up any speed. As I was passing by SCDC (jail), I saw this work marker placed along the Greenline.

Greenline Bird

“So… what’s this then?”

Greenline Bird

Oh yeah… this morning a guy pointed out there was a bird nesting next to the Greenline path. I believe the type of bird is called “Roadkillius”.

Greenline Bird

I saw this same type of bird last year nesting next to Catch’em Lake at the bottom of Shelby Farms. The bird would squawk at me daily as I sped past it’s nest along the street. I circled back round this evening and took some pictures of said bird. Not that I am a bird watcher of any sort. I thought it was funny that the bird received a warning sign of its own. My total ride time this afternoon was one hour 15 minutes. Slow.

Done. Time for some


and some



Cheers. I will see YOU back here with pictures from the beer tasting. Until then…