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Thirsty Thursday Midtown.

No bicycle ride to work in the rain today. I can deal with the cold, and I can deal with rain, but not on the same day. So I stopped in at Republic Coffee for a couple of cups while I read the news.

Last night I ordered an Atrix Lap Dock. What for? The Raspberry Pi of course. I can use the keyboard and monitor for my Raspberry Pi computer. (Think of the Atrix Lap Dock as the hardware without a brain. Pi = Brain) And the Atrix is portable. Laptop Raspberry Pi! The cost? $60. Come on Pi!

Last night my wife gave me a black and white framed photo for Valentines Day.


I had noticed this photo many months ago from a local artist and I really liked the photo. The framed black and white photo made a great Valentines Day present. Thank you!

Dinner tonight? Memphis Pizza Cafe. I went out on a limb tonight and ordered a “Hey Meat” pizza. Large. If you like meat, this pizza is for you. 5, 6, or 7 kinds of meat on this pie. I lost count of the different items that came with the pizza. Oink. And… I forgot to take a picture.

Don’t forget, because of the short month, Trolley Night is occurring tomorrow night downtown on South Main. Get yourself some wine, cheese and art. Plus people watching is always a plus.

The plan tomorrow is to ride my bicycle to work. In the cold. Without sleet or rain. I hope. See YOU back here for more bikes, Pi and black and white photo’s. Cheers.