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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

My day began at Republic Coffee with several cups of coffee to warm me up. The temperature was near freezing outside, so I needed every advantage I could get for the bike ride to work.

After several minutes of checking the news and drinking coffee, I headed east along the Greenline. And yes, I had snot dripping out of my nose during this bike ride to work. FREEZING! By the time I arrived at work, my feet were frozen. I “thought” I had a few extra chemical foot warmers stashed away in my bike gear. I did not. And that makes for some very cold feet.

The ride home. My ride heading west started well. I felt better in the afternoon than in the morning. Just as I passed the corrections facility along the Greenline, I heard a strange sound. The sound was almost like rain, but more like pebbles hitting the trees. That sound would be sleet. Great. At least I have a poncho I carry with me. I stopped and put the poncho on, and kept on riding.

When I finally arrived at home like a frozen fish stick, I asked “Newbys? Crawfish boil?” We were off to Newbys on Highland for some of that spicy love.

newbys crawfish

Oink. That is two pounds of crawfish for $10. Yeah, I ate the tail. I also sucked the head. What to drink? How about that Abita Strawberry beer.

abita strawberry

I have heard much about this beer. The strange part is that Abita Strawberry tastes like beer plus a strawberry soda. This isn’t a hint of strawberry, this is STRAWBERRY. Most other fruit beers have a hint of the fruit taste. This beer doesn’t give you a HINT, the flavor is well up front. I will say the Abita Strawberry tastes “different”.

Speaking about fruit, I am still checking out Raspberry Pi projects.

From what I have read, I can order a discontinued monitor and keyboard for $50 that will create a Raspberry Pi desktop. I really like the look of the setup. And the setup is portable. Even better.

Done. Time for a drink, then time for bed. I will see YOU back here for more beers, bikes and crawfish. Cheers.