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Happy Sunday Midtown. Get out!

Ahhh… a day off. Breakfast? Breakfast taco’s. Love me the taco’s on a Sunday morning.

Then I was off to Republic Coffee. I sat and read my library book (The Blood Gospel by James Rollins) while listening to music. I had a couple of hundred pages to go. Later in the day I did complete the book. Thank you Memphis Library!

Speaking of books, Burke’s Books wants YOU to post YOUR favorite books under Ideal Bookshelf: Memphis Edition. You can see what books I LOVE here at Tumblr. My picks are slightly different from the others. Just slightly.

This afternoon we took a walk in Cooper Young. While walking we stopped in at Easy-Way for veggies. Love me the Easy-Way.

Another event I will attend? The second annual “V&E Artwalk” is happening Sunday 4/21/13, 11:30 – 6:00. The event will be held along the V and E Greenline.

v and e greenline

I went last year. I purchased art.

pac man skull

I also purchased a shirt.

Memphis Skull

These were some of the best things I have found at a festival. YOU should check the event out.

Yes, I am still playing the old school video game “Dungeon Keeper“. Yes I was stuck on a level. So I checked out youtube and found a Russian player who kills at the game. I will defeat this game! Maybe.

Done. I am planning a bike ride to work Monday morning. Chilly but fun. See YOU tomorrow for more bikes, beers, and books. Cheers.