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Finally Friday Midtown. Time for some time off… or you can always work 8 hours on Saturday… like me.

We spent the evening at Sweet Grass Next door. Dinner? How about a fried egg sandwich, with fries.

A plate of love.

A plate of love.



A drink you say? Try a Midnight Kiss.

midnight kiss drink

And to top the dinner off we had a slice of deep dish sour cream apple pie.

The perfect end of the evening with ice cream and apple pie.

The perfect end of the evening with ice cream and apple pie.


I found this link earlier today. Check out Burke’s Books page for an Ideal Bookshelf. Even better you can add your own ideal bookshelf. I have my list of top 10 favorite books, list yours and enter to win the contest. Cool.

I have spent the entire week attempting to get a very old video game to play on my laptop. I tried everything I could to get the game to play. Nothing. So last night I searched for the game download (even though I own the game cd). I finally found the Vista version of the game, for the low, low price of $6.00. I’m game. The game? Dungeon Keeper. See the video here. I have played the game in the past, but I have never completed the game. Now, I will change that fact. I can do it! Maybe. So far I have breezed thru 4 levels. Wish me luck.

Done. Time for a beer

sunshine wheat beer

and then sleep. It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. Cheers.