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Sunday. Get out on this rainy day.

So the plan was to go to Salsa for lunch today at noon… and they are closed on Sunday. Doh! So… instead of mexican food, we decided on Old Venice Pizza on Perkins Ext. We shared the lasagna and I had a bloody mary. I guess I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures.

After lunch we headed over to Gibson’s Donuts.

gibsons donuts

Oink. No, I wasn’t getting a haircut today (the only time I stop in at Gibson’s), I just craved some of those small pieces of heaven.

Dinner tonight? Cajun Catfish Company. If I didn’t have enough crawfish already, we ordered 3 pounds of crawfish for dinner. This plate was HUGE.

crawfish cajun catfish

The crawfish came with corn, potato’s, and sausage. Add a cup of gumbo

gumbo cajun catfish

and salad and we were full.

How to finish the night? A large bottle of cider.

woodchuck cider

Something that I am planning to purchase? Check out the game Impire. If you enjoyed the game “Dungeon Keeper” from back in the day, you will love this game. Throw in MANY old school heavy metal references, and you have one excellent game. Build your dungeon, grow your minions, and keep out the do gooders who want to vanquish your underground kingdom. I CAN’T WAIT for the game to go on sale. (Which is 2/14/13). $20 is a small price to pay for a great game.

Plans for tomorrow? Lunch with a friend. And then my work week starts; 12-7 p.m. See YOU back here for more beers, crawfish and games. Cheers.