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Saturday. A day off from work. I began my day at Republic Coffee. Since I am the mayor of Coffee Town, I checked in using Foursquare. “All hail Ming”. Although I read the news, I didn’t spend much time in the shop. I had an appointment with some crawfish this afternoon.


slider inn mardi gras

Oh yeah, I was there. I jumped on my bicycle and headed to Slider Inn. I arrived right at noon. There were only a few people sitting outside when I parked my bicycle.

I sat down in the outdoor patio and ordered my beer ($2.50 Abita) and a $10 (all you can eat) crawfish plate. Oink. As the minutes ticked by, I noticed more and more people coming in for the crawfish. By 12:30 the place looked packed. The waitress came by and served my FIRST plate of crawfish.

slider inn crawfish

Get in my belly! After I finished my first plate, I asked for a plate of corn and potato’s. Then my second plate of mudbugs arrived. I washed all of this goodness down with a couple of bottles of Abita beer. All and all the lunch was a good one. From what I overheard from the wait staff, the Slider Inn did not expect so many people to show up for the special. “All you can eat” brings out hungry people.

Yes, I am still reading the book “The Blood Gospel”. I am half way into the book.

Good stuff. The book is NOT what I expected, but in a good way.

Plans for Sunday? Mexican food. See YOU back here for more crawfish, beers and books. Cheers.