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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Having returned from a week in San Antonio, I am exhausted. So many margaritas, mexican food dinners, and visits with family. I am still beat.

rosario's san antonio

After having lunch at Rosario’s, we stopped in at a small shop on Alamo St. We looked around the shop and found this small statue.

day of the dead wedding statue

Till death do us part! Really. $45 and it is ours.

Walking north along Alamo St., we found the B Cycle rental shop in Hemisfair Park. Of course I had to walk in to check the place out. And yes, I had to have the colorful tile below.


B Cycle has great and friendly staff. If you have questions, stop in here for answers. And the best news is that MORE bicycle rental stations are coming to San Antonio. Great!

If you are in San Antonio, you have to see the Alamo.

alamo san antonio texas

What most people do not realize is that there is a back door to the Alamo.

alamo back door

We used the back door to the Alamo often to cut thru to our hotel directly behind the Alamo. The Crockett Hotel sits directly behind the Alamo, making any stay excellent. Here is our suite at the Crockett Hotel.

crockett hotel

crockett hotel suite 2

I found this event in the Memphis Flyer last week. Want to attend a fun event? Check it out, ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAWFISH!

slider inn mardi gras

12-4 p.m., 2/9th. Get some. $10? I’m there.

Done for the day. I’m beat. I will see you back here for more beers, crawfish and mexican food. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Mardi Gras – Slider Inn – 12-4 All you can eat crawfish $10