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Saturday Midtown. Time for coffee and longhorn cattle. Wait. What?


That is correct. I spent my morning watching longhorn cattle walk down a very busy downtown street. The cattle were part of the rodeo parade. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

My morning started with breakfast taco’s at Blanco Cafe. I was so hungry for the taco’s that I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast. The plate as awesome. Blanco Cafe downtown is the best. Go here for breakfast or lunch.

While on my walk to BC, I did notice a Little Free Library downtown on E. Houston Street in front of the New York Bagel Cafe.


The library is near the corner of Navarro St. and E. Houston St. Way to go San Antonio. How about a few more Little Free Libraries.

Bike lanes. The busy street E. Houston Street doesn’t have bicycle lanes. You can just ride in the street with the lane to yourself.


I noticed MANY people riding bicycles while walking around downtown today.

We spent Friday eating our way from Dallas to San Antonio. Breakfast in Dallas was Taco Cabana. Love me the TC. Lunch was held in San Marcos at La Fonda. Dinner last night was the rehearsal dinner at Los Barrios (always a winner). After all of that food and driving, I was beat. Luckily I reserved a hotel downtown near the Alamo. We had a drink, then passed out. San Antonio 1, Ty 0.

The wedding is tonight, then afterwards we can relax downtown on the Riverwalk. I will see YOU back here for more food, longhorns, and margarita’s. Cheers from Texas.