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It is the weekend Midtown. Time for some fun… or work.

Yes, I had to work today. I was making up my day off from the “ice storm” that didn’t happen last week. And to tell the truth, I only worked 3 hours today. I started my day at the satellite office, Republic Coffee. And to my dismay I had THREE cups of coffee. I should have stopped at two. Now I was wired and ready to work.

After work, a friend wanted to meet us at Arepa and Salsa for dinner (read my review of the place here). Yes, I ordered the same dish (chachapa) for dinner as I did last Saturday (I have a one track mind. If it is good, why change things). The meal was good. I forgot to mention in my review; there is a patio in back of the restaurant as well as the front of the joint (hello summer time). After dinner the girls felt like having a margarita. Since Arepa didn’t serve margaritas, we headed over to Frida’s.

This was my first visit to Frida’s on Madison Ave.


The tequila selection at Frida’s is large.

Frida's Tequila

The girls ordered margaritas while I had an ice tea. I wouldn’t mind riding my  bicycle here in the summer time for drinks. And I have to say the salsa was very good with the chips. (I’m from Texas. I KNOW my salsa) Although we didn’t order food, the drinks and chips were fine. (Is it just me, or do the wooden chairs at the bar weigh a ton?)

And that was most of my day; work and food. I was able to stop and pick up a little somethin’ somethin’ on the way home.


Although I didn’t do much today, my brain is tired (from all THREE hours worth of work). I will see YOU back here for more food, drinks and Fireball. Cheers.

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