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Finally Friday Midtown.

Yes, I took the bicycle to work today. Yes, it was drizzling this morning. Yes, I had a rain poncho. No, I didn’t wear it. Why? I am dumb. That’s why. I arrived at work rather damp. Not happy. And I didn’t use my chemical foot warmers either. “I don’t need those. I’m a man.” Should have used the foot warmers. I only saw a couple of joggers this morning as I headed east along the Greenline. The rain didn’t bother me so much, but the damp seemed to make the ride colder. I did notice that the “abandoned” bicycle near the Wolf River is no longer there.

bicycle greenline

Maybe the owner of the bicycle picked the bike up. Or the park rangers could have done so. Or maybe someone now has a FREE bicycle. Your guess is as good as mine.

The ride home was not that much warmer. I DID use the foot warmers for the ride west. I only passed two other cyclists while riding home along the Greenline.

A couple of notes. If you didn’t see the article in the Memphis Flyer “Top 10 Myths About Downtown Memphis”, you should check it out. Very interesting. I perpetuated a myth in San Antonio for years. When tourists would ask about the Alamo, I told them to make it a point to check out the basement in the Alamo with all the cannons down there. Fun times.

If you have not signed up for Twitter, you should. Paul Ryburn posted a link about the Travel Channel. The show (Exposed: Cooking Competitions) this Sunday at 3:00 p.m. will feature the Memphis in May BBQ Festival. I have the DVR set up to record the show already.

More from Twitter. The Memphis Flyer posted an interesting link about Dishcrawl Memphis. The Event is Tuesday Feb. 5th in Cooper Young. Dishcrawl features a walking tour of 4 different restaurants. Yes, you get to sample dishes and speak to the owner or chef of each restaurant. Each stop along the tour lasts 30-40 minutes. The cost? $45. BUT, the Dishcrawl on Wed. Feb. 6th sold out very quickly. So a second event was added on Feb. 5th. And according to the Dishcrawl website there are only 31 tickets left for the event Feb. 5th. Don’t wait to get your tickets people. If you want to go, get your tickets NOW. I will be out-of-town for the event, so I will have to check out the next event.

Alright, I am done. The time is currently beer-thirty. Although I have to work tomorrow, I plan on having a dinner at a local restaurant. I wonder where I will end up. See YOU back here for more food, bikes, and beer. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Newbie Brew Day – Jan. 27th Get more information at Fuzzy Brew. Go… and make beer!

Cupids Revenge – Sock It To Me Burlesque – Feb. 2nd 9:00 p.m. Newbys. Go!

Brooklyn Brewery Tap Takeover – Feb. 4th Flying Saucer 7:00 p.m. and Feb. 6th for Brewery Night. Go!

Dishcrawl Memphis – Cooper Young Feb. 5th. 7:00 p.m. Get YOUR tickets now and GO!