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Sunday Midtown. One more day to get out and play.

I spent the afternoon at Republic Coffee reading the book “My Appetite For Destruction”.

I am almost finished reading “Destruction”. The book is good, with stories about many celebrities (some naughty and some nice).

After spending an hour at the coffee shop, we headed out for a run in Cooper Young (couch 2 5K). Halfway into the run, my knee began to hurt. I continued the run though and completed 19 out of 20 minutes of the run. The bike may be better for my knee tomorrow.

After the run it was time to start a fire on the grill. A nice big steak was grilled up as well as chicken wings.


The smoke penetrated the meat and the taste was great. Love me the wings.

Laundry is almost done, then it is time for beer. Get ready for the work week because here it comes. I will see YOU back here for more beer, wings and love. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

The British Arrow Awards: Brooks Museum 1/12/13 2:00 p.m. $8 non-members. Go! We attend every year. Funny commercials from the U.K. And the crowd is large so don’t wait until the last-minute people.


Newbie Brew Day – Jan. 27th Get more information at Fuzzy Brew. Go… and make beer!