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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Time for a drink!

Dinner tonight? The BBQ Shop on Madison. Yes, I will have some of those GREAT ribs please.

BBQ Shop Ribs

Oink, oink. We ordered wet and dry ribs and both were great. For ribs, this joint is a great place to eat. GO!

How to top those ribs off? How about some Gibson’s Donuts. We even picked up a “maple bacon” donut. “Do….nutttttts….”



I was stopped at two donuts, since I was about to get a huge sugar rush. Good thing I do not live anywhere near Gibson’s and usually only visit once a month.

Lesson learned today? Never argue with stupid people. It gets you nowhere. “Serenity Now!” Time for a “serenity” drink.

Memphis Events:

The British Arrow Awards: Brooks Museum 1/12/13 2:00 p.m. $8 non-members. Go! We attend every year. Funny commercials from the U.K. And the crowd is large so don’t wait until the last-minute people.


Newbie Brew Day – Jan. 27th Get more information at Fuzzy Brew. Go… and make beer!