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Waffle Wednesday people. And time to get back to work in the new year. Here we go.

I read local blogs to stay informed. I read Paul Ryburns blog to stay informed about events, food and drinks downtown. I read I Love Memphis Blog to find out where to go and what to do. And today I read about a great tip, right in Cooper Young. Check out Cooper St. 20/20. Kathy Katz is cooking on 800 S. Cooper St. The food is packaged and ready to go. Just stop in and choose your food. The shop is open Mon.- Fri. 12-7. The hours are PERFECT for picking up something in case you don’t feel like cooking at home. Check out the menu. Cooper St. 20/20 I have you in my sights (pun intended). See you soon.

If you are NOT following your favorite restaurants on Facebook or Twitter, you should. If you enjoy good food AND getting discounts, this is the way to go. Restaurants will often post specials using social media. On my list is Central BBQ (all locations), Alchemy, South of Beale, Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Double J Smokehouse, ect. Go get ’em!

Since customers were focusing on Christmas and New Years, the work was slow for the holidays. Now that those holidays are past us, customers are getting around to calling and stopping by the office, which makes my day go by faster. And next week begins my 12-7 shift. I always feel like the odd man out working 12-7. I can’t get enough done in the morning AND in the evening because of the work hours. Something I must work on.

I will see YOU tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday. Until then, Cheers!

Memphis Events:

The British Arrow Awards: Brooks Museum 1/12/13 2:00 p.m. $8 non-members. Go! We attend every year. Funny commercials from the U.K. And the crowd is large so don’t wait until the last-minute people.


Newbie Brew Day – Jan. 27th Get more information at Fuzzy Brew. Go… and make beer!