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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

Luckily I didn’t ride my bike to work today. I doubt I would have made it very far in the hurricane force wind.

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

I did stop in at Republic Coffee to read the news and wait for the impending apocalypse. Apparently my waiting paid off. I tweeted about my wait for the end of times at Republic Coffee and received a $5 gift certificate (it’s a contest Republic Coffee is currently holding). “Reading the paper and waiting for the apocalypse… and waiting, and waiting…#$5gifts”. I wonder if the gift certificate expires 12/20/12. Thanks RC!

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

Moving on to other social media; I asked yesterday if shorts and a t-shirt were okay to wear for the apocalypse on my Facebook page. I was rather let down by the 1999 Y2K apocalypse (waiting… waiting… waiting…). Today I asked on Facebook if anyone knew the start time for the apocalypse. Should I arrive early? Is there a warm up band?

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

The Commercial Appeal reported that Memphis Made Brewing will start up in Cooper Young in mid 2013. I checked the address for the business. Holy cow! The brewery is two long blocks from where I live (Memphis Made Brewing, on Cooper,  near the I Love Memphis mural). Merry Christmas to ME! Founder Drew Barton states he “has plans to open for tours and a small tasting room.” Oh yeah! Ride my bike to the tasting room.

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

My first stop after work was to get my hair cut. (Pam @ Epic Salon. Get your appointment today – (901) 818-5501) Then it was off to Gibson’s Donuts. Get some.

Gibson's donuts

gibsons donutsI guess I could wait for the end of the world at Gibson’s Donuts. They may have a discount… the world ending and all.

And what is next to donut heaven? The liquor store. Yes, I have to stock up on a bottle to take to New Orleans. If I have a few drinks tonight, I won’t have to worry ’bout that hangover since the world will end. Wait. What happens when you COMBINE the donuts and vodka?

donuts and vodka

Still waiting for the apocalypse…. with vodka and donuts. Not a bad way to go.

Maybe I should open Christmas presents TONIGHT, since the world is ending. Just a suggestion (feel free to use it on the ones you love!).

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

Now for the scary part. I USUALLY ride my bicycle to work. I do this for a reason. I will take my chances on a bicycle and the Greenline. Driving home tonight near East High School a driver nearly collided head on with me on Walnut Grove Rd.  The driver, heading east, decided to make a left turn and stopped directly in front of me in the “non-turn lane” as I was heading west. Yes, that will bring traffic to a stand still. I will stick to my bicycle any day of the week. (except very windy days)

Still waiting for the apocalypse….

Best line I read today? “Nashville is great bc people who move there. Memphis is great bc of people who stay here.” Posted on Twitter – Jen Steinmetz. If Memphis was cool enough for Elvis, Memphis is cool enough for me.

Time to wind down with a drink and to keep an eye out for Mayans.

Still waiting for the apocalypse…. This seems more and more like Y2K in 1999. #notholdingmybreath

Memphis Events:

The British Arrow Awards: Brooks Museum 1/12/13 2:00 p.m. $8 non-members. Go! We attend every year. Funny commercials from the U.K. And the crowd is large so don’t wait until the last-minute people.


Newbie Brew Day – Jan. 27th Get more information at Fuzzy Brew. Go… and make beer!