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Manic Monday Midtown.

The day started with a visit to Republic Coffee. I knew the day would be a good one when the song “Radar Love” was playing over the radio in the coffee shop. One of my favorite songs.

50 degrees outside this morning. Time for a bike ride to work. What a fantastic bike ride. I felt as though I could ride and ride and ride non-stop. It was one of those days. Many people were out along the Greenline walking or jogging. And my time was even good. Loved it.

Riding back home I was not as lucky. The national, regional and local weatherman got the temperature wrong. Instead of a 60 degree temperature for the ride home, the temperature was 50 degrees and dropping. Lucky for me I had brought along my toe warmers. I opened them up and placed the warmers in my shoes. My shoes became warm immediately. Here I go. That wind predicted from the northwest at 10 miles per hour turned out to be blowing at 17 miles per  hour. And I was riding directly into the wind. Not good. I did see 4 cyclists riding along the Greenline tonight. 3 out of the 4 had lights on the bikes. The best part was that my ride time was excellent. Keep on rocking in the free world Memphis.

For a Monday, the day turned out excellent. Time for a drink.


This will warm me up. See YOU back here for more bikes and beers. Cheers.