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Didja get out today Midtown? I know I did.
My day started with a run in Cooper Young. Good run this morning. Couch to 5K works people. Give it a try. After the run, it was time for breakfast. How about some bacon and eggs? Love me the bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning. (Run + Bacon and Eggs = Null)
“Let’s head downtown for a walk.” We began our walk on S. Main. Although the sky was overcast, we walked up and down S. Main. We did see this on a building:
s. main art
Walk like an Egyptian. Walking back to the car, we decided to stop in at Double J Smokehouse for lunch. I ordered the wings,
double j smokehouse wings
my wife ordered the steak salad.
double J steak salad
My wife thought the steak salad was below average tasting. How about more flavor in that steak? My wings were tangy and okay tasting. Service? I had to ask for sweetener twice. The table next to us had to ask for syrup twice. A third table waited 10 minutes for their drinks, gave up, and walked out. If you don’t want to work on Sunday, DON’T WORK. #waitressdoesntwanttobehere. My resolution for 2013? I subtract $1 from the tip if the waitress doesn’t check on me. I subtract $1 from the tip if the waitress doesn’t refill my tea. If you do not care about my dining experience, I don’t care about your tip.
There is still time to contribute to the Shoebox Care Package at Republic Coffee.
shoebox ministry
Read more here from the Republic Coffee Facebook Page.
“Looking for a practical way to give a gift that really embraces the spirit of the Holiday Season?

Volunteers are collecting and delivering Shoebox Care Packages – a great way to bring comfort and joy to those experiencing homelessness at Memphis Union Mission during the holiday season. Drop off at One CommUnity Center and Republic Coffee Memphis begins this Saturday, December 1st! Click the event link below for all the details on how you can show you care this holiday season: https://www.facebook.com/events/198930166911278/ ”

Keep on giving Midtown. Just create that Shoebox Care Package and drop it off at Republic Coffee. Give if you can.

My clothes are packed and ready for my bicycle ride tomorrow morning. See YOU back here for more bacon, eggs and Cooper Young. Cheers.