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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Again this morning began with a 30 degree bicycle ride to work. And yes my feet were cold. I checked out some websites. I attempted to put socks on, then wrap my feet in plastic bags, and then put socks over the socks and plastic bags. Did it work? No. For my next attempt at warm feet, I will try using chemical pouches to warm my feet. They work for some people. Maybe they will work for me.

I also read in the news that the Hi-Tone will be closing in the next few months. Here is what I think about the closing. I have been to the Hi-Tone for some events. Guess what people; show business is difficult. It is HARD WORK. I worked in the industry for 15 years. There is a huge amount of competition for YOUR time and money. $10 admission (or more), plus drinks (maybe food); for two add up quickly. Even worse, take big name concert ticket costs ($75 or more), plus $8 beers, plus parking, times two and there goes a chunk of your paycheck. I can stay at home, load up the same exact songs the band will perform in concert at http://www.youtube.com, and get my drinks from the fridge for much less. Or I can go to the movies. Or I can get a movie at Redbox and watch a DVD at home. Or I can play video games at home. Or I can stay in and watch cable t.v. movies at home. Then there are sporting events to go to. The choices are countless. Technology is great. Technology is killing the music business. Right? Maybe so. When is the last time you listened to a recently released album from beginning to the end? Did you buy only a couple of songs from the album? Why not the entire album? (By the way, I only buy CD’s. I would rather “own” my music, not just a digital copy). But I also buy “used” CD’s. Am I part of the problem?

I used to listen to vinyl, 8-track tapes (yes children, it is not a myth), then cassette tapes, then CD’s. I swear I thought CD’s would never take off. (Just like I thought Ronnie James Dio would fail after leaving Black Sabbath. Wrong!) Finally I was dragged into the digital music era kicking and screaming.

A friend owns a small bar in Texas. He books live bands. Local, state and national touring acts. Even though he has worked in show business for more than 25 years, he still has to hustle to make ends meet. Are small live venues going the way of the bookstores? I buy books at book stores, used book stores and I also purchase e-books. Am I driving local book stores out of business by purchasing e-book? Technology is great. Technology is killing the music business.

Do YOU want to donate for a good cause? I am reposting the Shoebox Care Package information again. Donate if you can Midtown.

shoebox ministry

shoebox ministry

This is from the Republic Coffee Facebook page:

“Looking for a practical way to give a gift that really embraces the spirit of the Holiday Season?

Volunteers are collecting and delivering Shoebox Care Packages – a great way to bring comfort and joy to those experiencing homelessness at Memphis Union Mission during the holiday season. Drop off at One CommUnity Center and Republic Coffee Memphis begins this Saturday, December 1st! Click the event link below for all the details on how you can show you care this holiday season: https://www.facebook.com/events/198930166911278/ ”

No bicycle ride to work Wednesday or Thursday, I have to work late both days. I will see YOU back here for more music, drinks and books. Cheers.