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Manic Monday Midtown. It’s cold out there people.

One guess who took the bicycle to work today. The temperature was supposed to be 30 degrees this morning. The temperature was actually 40 degrees. I was prepared. I wore long johns (tops and bottoms), cold weather gear (tops and bottoms), a t-shirt and running pants. I also took along my balaclava and gloves. Did all of that gear work? Yes it did. My mistake? I wore the wrong shoes. I have bigger, better shoes for cold weather. I forgot them this morning. Doh! I came across TWO people along the Greenline at 8:00 a.m.

My ride to work was actually 2 minutes better than usual. I have also noticed cement blocks placed into the ground at each intersection along the Greenline.

cement block greenline

I’m not sure what the blocks will be used for. This block was placed at the Podesta intersection.

While at work I had to stay outside for 1 1/2 hours. Brrr… it was cold. Wearing dress pants and a dress jacket does NOT protect you from the elements. I have to do the same tomorrow. Looks like I will wear my cold weather gear outside, forget the office dress code.

So how did my ride home go? The ride was okay. For the first few miles the wind was blowing. Cold and wind do not make for a good ride. And my feet were cold. As soon as I reached the Greenline, the tree line stopped the wind. Just when I thought I would not see a single person along the Greenline tonight, I did come across another cyclist near the western end of the Greenline. I guess I am not the only crazy person out at night.

Time for a repeat of the care package donation YOU can drop off at Republic Coffee. Give if you can Midtown.

shoebox ministry

shoebox ministry

This is from the Republic Coffee Facebook page:

“Looking for a practical way to give a gift that really embraces the spirit of the Holiday Season?

Volunteers are collecting and delivering Shoebox Care Packages – a great way to bring comfort and joy to those experiencing homelessness at Memphis Union Mission during the holiday season. Drop off at One CommUnity Center and Republic Coffee Memphis begins this Saturday, December 1st! Click the event link below for all the details on how you can show you care this holiday season: https://www.facebook.com/events/198930166911278/ ”

Two out of three packages arrived in the mail today for a new project I am working on. The only problem is that the third package is REQUIRED for the project. It is the KEY part of the project. And I am still waiting for it. Doh!

Alright, I am done. Time for a drink and then off to bed. Get ready for Tuesday because here… it… comes.