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Saturday. I didn’t have lunch and neither did my wife. Where to eat? “How about the Midtown Local Gastropub?”

Local Gastropub Memphis

Good call. I have been trying to get into Local for a few weeks. But I wanted to give the place a few weeks to work out the kinks of the new restaurant.

I really like the interior of the building. The wooden floors are great. The nice couches remind me of the “Flying Saucer” beer pub, if the Flying Saucer was more of a restaurant than a beer emporium. And the couches did look comfy and inviting. After we were seated I looked over the menu. I ordered unsweet tea (the waitress said they do not have sweet tea btw). I also ordered the Chorizo Chili and the “Local” burger.

Here we go. First up, the Chorizo Chili.

Chorizo Chili Local Gastropub

I like chorizo. I know chorizo. My middle name is chorizo. (Okay, not really) I grew up in Texas where chorizo is a staple in any “near the border” diet. I just couldn’t find the chorizo taste in the chili. The chili wasn’t bad, but I thought this was supposed to be “chorizo” chili. In my opinion the chili tasted bland. I did taste a hint of cinnamon in the chili. There was a spicy kick to the chili as well. Again the chili was not bad, just not what I expected.

Next up is the Local Burger.

Local Burger Local Gastropub

I only have two words for the Local Burger; fan-tastic. This burger is right on the money. The burger is cooked to perfection. I love that chargrilled taste. You want toppings? The burger comes with sweet pickles, red onions, and cheese. As a side you get shoestring fries. I have to say the Local Burger has to be one of the best burgers in town. Delicious. Get it.

A few more notes. I noticed the service was slow for a Saturday afternoon. I could understand if the place was packed, but it wasn’t. There were only three other groups around us (and the second level had few customers as well). I have heard from others that the service is slow at Local Gastropub. If you go order the Local Burger. You will not be disappointed.

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