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Sunday Midtown. The rain will not bring me down.

Up early for a Sunday. Breakfast? Bacon and eggs. Loved it. After breakfast I went for a bicycle ride around Cooper Young. If you are looking for used bottles for an art project, Cooper Young has them. I collected green bottles, blue bottles and wine bottles. To easy. And the ride around the neighborhood was nice as well.

After the bike ride I went for a run. Week 4, day 1 of Couch to 5K. This involves a couple of 5 minute runs (run, walk, run, walk, repeat). I have wondered if cycling helps when it comes to running. I have learned that it does. Those 5 minute laps were not bad. Cycling 22.4 miles each day does the body good.

Then it was time for Christmas shopping. We headed over to Dinstuhl’s. Hello chocolate. Unfortunately the chocolate was not for me. I head here every year for Christmas presents. Yes, people in Texas will get chocolate on December 24th. Lucky people.

Next stop was the Booksellers at Laurelwood. I like to browse the store for books. There is a book about historic Memphis that I will probably buy in the near future. Again, that’s for another project I will work on.

I am reposting the Shoebox Care Package again. This is a good cause. Give if you can. It is a simple way to give to others less fortunate. Drop off your shoebox care package at Republic Coffee.

shoebox ministry

shoebox ministry

From the Republic Coffee Facebook page:

“Looking for a practical way to give a gift that really embraces the spirit of the Holiday Season?

Volunteers are collecting and delivering Shoebox Care Packages – a great way to bring comfort and joy to those experiencing homelessness at Memphis Union Mission during the holiday season. Drop off at One CommUnity Center and Republic Coffee Memphis begins this Saturday, December 1st! Click the event link below for all the details on how you can show you care this holiday season: https://www.facebook.com/events/198930166911278/ ”

The temperature for tomorrow morning is supposed to be about 30 degree’s outside. I will dress warm for that bike ride. Brrr… where is my balaclava?

I'm going to be WARM when the temperature drops!

I’m going to be WARM when the temperature drops!

Done for the day. I’m beat. Come back tomorrow for more bottles, balaclava’s and books. Cheers.