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Let’s rock the weekend Midtown. The rain WILL NOT STOP ME!

Friday started with a bike ride to work. Fine ride to work Friday. I didn’t have to wear a jacket, the temperature was 60 degrees. Along the way to work I found 5 beer bottles. Yes I stopped and collected the beer bottles. I am working on a new project. More on the project in a later post. If you need beer bottles for a project, this city is VERY GENEROUS about providing empty beer bottles.

While at work I mentioned to a co-worker that I had filled a shoebox with toiletries for the homeless and dropped the shoebox off at Republic Coffee.

shoebox ministry

shoebox ministry

She thought this was a great idea and she would fill a shoebox herself and bring the shoebox to work (and I would drop off the shoebox at Republic Coffee for her). Thinking for a couple of seconds, I asked my co-worker if I should print a flyer for the employee’s at work. She told me to go for it. The whole project is very simple. Get a shoebox. Fill it with toiletries (get ’em from the Dollar Store, they are cheap). Drop off the shoebox at Republic Coffee. It is that easy. Follow this Facebook link for more details on how YOU can give.

The ride home Friday night went well. I did notice many people again jogging or cycling without any lights. I can’t see you at night! Please use lights while out at night. I also noticed that my legs are getting larger from the cycling. I got “bike legs”.

I had to call it quits early Friday night since I had to work a half day at work Saturday.

Instead of biking to work Saturday morning, I drove into work. Easy day at work today. I was filling in for another employee. Uhhhh… if you don’t like money, I DO!

After work I headed over to Busters Liquor Store for a bottle of something something and a small bottle of Fireball.


Busters has a good price on vodka by the way. And yes, I purchased the cheap stuff.

With some time to kill, I decided to walk a block down E. Parkway South. Yes, I was looking for more empty bottles. And yes, I found five bottles. To easy.

For “Dunch” (lunch and dinner) we headed to a NEW “local” restaurant. My review for this new joint will be posted shortly. What did I think? You will have to come back later for that review.

Done for the day. I will see YOU back here for more drinks, books and food. Cheers.