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Manic Monday Midtown. And it is day one of the work week.

My plan for Monday? Start early. Take my time on my bike on the way to work. I arrived at Republic Coffee early. My usual seat was taken. Doh! And that is how the rest of my day went. I felt out of my groove sitting at a side table. Okay, time to start this bike ride early. I left Republic Coffee at 8:01. I am starting my ride nearly 24 minutes early. That’s good, right? As soon as I reached the start of the western end of the Greenline, I felt my chain catching on something. I get off of the bike. After I examine the bicycle I find that a bolt has come out of my bike rack. Again! Just last week, the bolt came off the opposite side of the bike rack. I don’t have any extra bolts in my tool kit. But I do have a zip tie. This will work. After my 11.2 mile ride, I can find a bolt at work. So I start my ride AGAIN. The time is now 8:18. So much for starting early.

I am nearing the end of the Greenline. My bicycle begins to slow. What now? Do I have a flat tire? I stop my bicycle and get off of the bike. No flat tires, but the zip tie has broken. You’re killing me! I discover if I balance the unattached bracket on the lower part of the bicycle, I can still make it the 5 or so miles to work. But this requires very smooth riding. No bumps. Every mile or two I must stop and re-balance the rack.

Last week I lost a bracket for my bike headlight. I know I lost the bracket somewhere along a two-mile stretch of road. The last few days I have been looking for the bracket. As I ate up the miles, I began to tell myself “you are NEVER going to find this bracket. Give up.” And I was going to give up. And that is when I saw something on the side of the road. MY BRACKET! So I lost a bolt but gained a bracket today.

After work I headed out to the Shelby Farms and the Greenline. Monday is bike and walking night at Shelby Farms for Starry Night. With temperatures at 70 degrees many people were attending the event. I rode around the ticket booth and moved up the hill, with my blue bicycle lights on.

ice bike 2012

As soon as I reached the top of the hill, I made my exit, heading to the north-western edge of the park. As I made my way along the Greenline, I came upon many other people riding their bicycles. I was surprised at the number of people riding tonight. Some cyclists complimented my bicycle lights. I loved the weather tonight. Perfect for a bicycle ride.

And after I arrived home, I worked on Christmas cards. “Where are the cards? Where are the addresses for my family and friends? Why is Christmas so complicated.” While I didn’t find addresses, I did find 7 gift cards to various establishments. Time to find out if I have any money left on these cards.

Oh yeah. Here is a picture of what I used to do at work for 15 years. And I have boxes of these.


Each pass reminds of a story about the show. Some good and some bad. “Nice boys don’t play rock and roll”.

The plan for tomorrow? No bike ride to work. Rain is in the forecast. And I have to work late.

I am done. The time is 9:35 p.m. and I am beat. I will see YOU back here for more bikes, Christmas lights and drinks. Cheers.