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Sunday Midtown. The temperature outside is awesome. Get out!

Busy day today. The day began with breakfast taco’s. Bacon and egg breakfast taco’s to be precise. Loved ’em.

We waited a short time, then it was Couch to 5K time. I started week 3 today. Run for 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. We ran up to the intersection of Cooper Young. Along the way, we stopped by the Little Free Library on New York (just north of Young).

Little Free Library on New York Memphis TN

So I have my back pack on, filled with 5 books. I made my donation to the Little Free Library. Come on Cooper Young, put some good books in the L.F.L. for me! I donated the book “Ghost Maps”, two books about Vegas card counters, and a couple of other books. The run turned out good. I sweated and felt great. Again, I notice the only time my legs bother me are on days I don’t cycle or run (Saturday). Weird.

My wife was hungry and wanted a big salad. Where to get a big salad? “How about Cheffie’s?”


After looking over the menu, I picked the Sweet Pig sandwich (ham, swiss cheese and lettuce with spicy mustard).

Cheffie's Sweet Pig Sandwich

My wife went with the “build your own” salad.

Cheffie's build your own salad

That salad is gi-normous! Okay, I ate part of it as well.

Next. We headed home, and it was “grillin’ time”. I set that big steak and wings on the grill to cook. This time I added crushed red peppers to the wings as well as cayenne pepper. Oh yeah baby. Who loves the wings?


Me! I have enough wings to take to work all week-long for lunch. Oink, oink.

Plans for tonight? I have to pack my clothes for work this week. I also need to edit a photo for the blog. I used the photo for my Ipad Mini cover (front and back. I printed the photo on a large label and stuck it to the cover). I like the photo so much, I want to use the photo for this blog. The funny part is that I created the photo more than a year ago when I first began to write. The photo was supposed to be a part of the blog, but for some reason I used a different photo instead. Soon enough you will see what I did for 15 years at work.

My plan for tomorrow is to ride “slower” to work in the morning (maybe 5 minutes slower to make the ride more comfortable). Which means I have to leave sooner in the morning. We will see how that goes.

Get ready for the work week Midtown, because here… it… comes.