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Finally Friday Midtown!

My day started with a 11.2 mile ride to work. Slightly warmer temperatures this morning made the ride to work better and easier. I keep my backpack at work, and only take clothes to work once a week, making my commute nicer. My travel time was good as well this morning.

Although my ride time is spot on from 3 months ago, I think I will try something different next week. If I leave a few minutes sooner, I can ride just a bit slower and enjoy the commute to and from work. Of course I say this every single time I ride, “Must go slower. Must go slower.” But I never do. I realize MOST people try to ride “faster”. I guess I am riding in the opposite direction of public opinion. Wouldn’t be the first time for me though.

Riding home in the dark was good as well. By the time I reached the County jail, I felt great. Heading west, I can fly down the Greenline. Love this part of the Greenline. I did notice a few cyclists traveling on the Greenline without lights. Dude, I can’t see you without lights. Get some. I also noticed this sign along the second bridge near the 1 mile marker.

lost keys memphis greenline

I noticed the sign on the way to work, but didn’t stop to read it. So if you lost your keys (probably near the eastern end of the Greenline) you know who to call.

Dinner tonight? We met friends downtown at Central BBQ. What’s for dinner?

central bbq wings

WINGS! And let me point out, tonight’s wings were EXCELLENT. Loved ’em. And since I had just finished my bicycle ride, I had an “endorphin high”. Great friends, great food and endorphins? I LOVE MY LIFE! If you have not been by Central BBQ downtown, GO!

I missed reading the Memphis Flyer this week, although I picked up the issue. Maybe tomorrow I can read it and post some comments.

My work schedule has changed and I must work all day Saturday, so I am calling it an early night. Time for a drink 🙂 Get out and have fun without me tomorrow Midtown, and I will see YOU back here soon. Cheers!