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Thirsty Thursday Midtown.

So the morning started with a bike ride… 11.2 miles to be exact. This is the first bike to work ride since having surgery nearly 3 months ago. How did it go? Fine. The temperature outside was in the 30’s. Although I was dumbfounded after completing 6.5 miles. I was sure that my speed was terrible. When I checked the time, I discovered that my speed was exactly as it had been 3 months ago. Did I ride into a time portal? I thought I was pushing myself, but this is ridiculous. And my bicycle was heavy this morning. My bicycle basket contained my tool kit, lunch box and my bicycle messenger bag strapped on top of the basket.

I also carried a back pack strapped to my back. Can I carry more items today?

After arriving at work, I calculated my speed. I travelled nearly 9.5 miles per hour. This is my average from 3 months ago. (I can go faster, but found it silly pushing myself harder for no good reason) People at work said I was 1) Crazy to ride in the cold & 2) I looked as though I hadn’t biked 11.2 miles.

The ride home was good as well. Yes the night was dark and chilly. I used two blinking lights on the back of my bike and a light wire on the frame of the bicycle.

I also have a headlight on the front of the bicycle. I should have used my gloves and balaclava when riding home though. The only problem about riding in the evening is that I can’t get my bearings. I can’t tell exactly where I am along the ride as I do during the morning ride. At the end of my ride I found that I was only 4 minutes off my usual time.

Since we ate in tonight, we will probably have dinner out tomorrow night. Where to go, where to go? Come back tomorrow to find out! Cheers!