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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

My work day consisted of fighting with our scanner. My first call to the scanner company resulted in “we’ll call you back”. My second call to our I.T. department solved the data problem, but then the keyboard stopped working on the scanner. The scanner company called me back an hour later, and even though the initial problem was corrected, I needed to fix the keyboard. “Turn the machine on and off.” Of course. That fixes everything. But it did fix the keyboard. Back to work.

When I arrived home I began to get my bicycle ready for Ice Bike 2012. (great website for cold weather cycling) I installed the light wire and bike wheel lights. And here is what my ice bike looks like:

The wheels light up when the bicycle is moving. The light wire can stay on, slowly fade or blink rapidly. I purchased all of the lights at amazon.com. Batteries are charging now for a couple of other lights on the bike. I found my balaclava and my ear muffs. I also found my bicycle goggles that I misplaced last year. Oh yeah, and I dragged out my gloves for the cold weather. Last year I purchased military grade cold weather gear (tops and bottoms) and the thermal underwear is set out for the morning. I should be set for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

By the way, I watched “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. At least I “attempted” to watch the film. Bad movie. I couldn’t watch any more of the movie by the half way mark. The idea is good, but I just couldn’t go for the story. Maybe the book is better. My wife said that the movie and book have a different story line. The movie could have been so much more. Sorry zombie and vampire fans, in my opinion “Vampire Hunter” is a dud.

Done for the day. Come back tomorrow for more ice bikes, vampire hunters and scanners. Cheers.