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Manic Monday Midtown.

And how did I begin my Monday? Dentist visit. Just a teeth cleaning, but still. When the assistant began to clean my teeth, she asked if everything was alright. When I mumbled “yeah” with dental instruments in my mouth, she said, “You look like you want to hit me”. I DON’T LIKE TO GO TO THE DENTIST. The rest of the appointment went swimmingly fine. When the assistant was finished cleaning my teeth, she asked which color toothbrush I wanted. “I will have the “torture” color please.” I really said that. But I do have to admit my teeth feel very clean. If you need a good dentist, I recommend David Franklin (901) 363-1287. His office is located on Mount Moriah Rd. And the dentist is old school. Don’t expect to see lasers while in the dentist chair. He provides good dental care. I highly recommend his services.

Next stop? Starbucks before I head to work. I spent one hour reading the news. More games? Yeah. I found the 80’s video game “Gauntlet” on the Ipad Mini. Always good playing old school video games.

Lastly, I discovered that Memphis will get another Little Free Library. You can read more here at www.ilovememphisblog.com (a great blog you should check daily). That’s correct, Overton Park will get a Little Free Library very soon. There is a Little Free Library located on New York, just north of Young Ave. You can find another Little Free Library at 427 N. Watkins. And lastly there is a Little Free Library on Peabody at Cooper (south side of Peabody). How do you use the library? Drop off a book, pick up a book. It’s FREE! Now you have no excuse for not reading.

I’m done for the day. See YOU back here for more books, games and toothbrushes. Cheers.