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Beauty day outside Midtown. Get outside and enjoy the weather while you can.

Saturday? My day off. I did a bunch of nothing; heading over to Republic Coffee and chatted with the barista Trevor for a bit. Then I read the news and watched the world slide by.

My wife arrived home from work. “What’s to eat?” “How about a Huey burger?” That settles that then. So off to Huey’s we went. We didn’t sit at this table:

From Midtown, with love.

And yes we order the same exact thing every single time we are at Huey’s; Madison Ave burger, fries, and onion rings. To easy.

Hello Huey Burger

Thanks Huey’s.

After lunch / dinner we decided to see if anything was playing at Studio On The Square. The time was 4:17 and the film ;” target=”_blank”>Argo began at 4:20. Perfect timing. I had heard that the movie was good. See this movie. The cast does a great job. The film begins by instantly putting you into a state of fear while watching as the Iranians storm the American Embassy gates. Frightening to say the least. The film has some funny moments as the “Intelligence Agency” formulates a plan to have the six Americans, holed up in a Canadian diplomats house, escape Iran by riding bicycles out of the country. I’m not making this up. Argo is a very good movie you should see. I must find the book ;” target=”_blank”>Argo on Amazon.com.

Speaking of books, I finished the ;” target=”_blank”>autobiography of Dave Mustaine.

Yes the book was good and the book provides insight into the ex-Metallica guitarist. But like many rock musician biographies, this one too does the “rehab shuffle”. Start in music, become a rock star, do A LOT OF DRUGS, go to rehab, get out of rehab, record an album, do more drugs on tour, go back into rehab, repeat. Still a good read though.

Sunday began with a “Couch to 5K” run. Day 1. Not so much for me, but for my wife. I’ve done the “Couch to 5K” program. It works. Really. Basically you alternate running and walking 3 days a week. Today was “run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds” for 20 minutes total. My wife did great. And YOU can do the same program. Start moving it Midtown.

And now for the “games” portion of the post. When the game Minecraft came out, I couldn’t figure out exactly how the game was played. Last night I checked out a youtube video showing game play. Interesting. So today I downloaded the game. The entire generated world looks like a world of lego’s. You can either destroy or build the world one block at a time. Better yet you can play other worlds built by other gamers called “seeds”. The best part is that Minecraft looks EXCELLENT on a tablet, especially the Ipad Mini. Just another game to distract me for a short while. I do enjoy the hack and slash games, old school style.

That is all for the day. Get ready for your work week, because here it comes. Cheers.