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And… it’s the weekend. The weather is very nice outside. Get out!

So the big question is: what did you do last night? It’s a long story, but here we go.

The first event we attended last night was “The Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees” at the Pink Palace. (This is my first visit to the Pink Palace).

The event was a private affair. Food, drinks and decorated tree’s surrounded us. Food? Mini-burgers, soup, and sweets were on hand. Even though I had the burger, I went back for the sweets. Several times. Companies decorated christmas tree’s and here are a few of them.

It is a christmas tree dressed up like a snow man. Very clever.

Yes, those are hand folded cranes that decorate that tree. I’m glad I was not tasked to fold those pieces of paper into cranes. There must have been several hundred cranes hanging from the tree and below the tree.

Tis the season to grind Memphis. Of course the Grizzlies contributed a tree.

Want some gingerbread and sweets? How about this?

Someone loves the Grizzlies. How about the large gingerbread house below.

Now check out the small sign (gingerbread man) near the gingerbread house. Can you read it?

Now this brings back memories. It was Christmas time in the 90’s. I was at a company Christmas party. And the party was a good one. Lots of food and sweets. Next to the cookie and candy table was a gingerbread house. Looks good to me, so I began to eat the house. IT’S NEXT TO THE COOKIE AND CANDY TABLE! Minutes later someone noticed me eating the gingerbread house. “Uh, you know that’s for decoration right? Your not supposed to eat it.” A sign would have been helpful. Tis the season for gingerbread houses to be sprayed with sealant.

The winter wonderland tour even had a scavenger hunt. Can you find all of the items on the list? A friend of ours made the attempt. He found all but two items along the tour.

All and all the event was good. Food, drinks and trees. You can see the trees and gingerbread houses at the Pink Palace. November 17 – December 31, 2012. “The Enchanted Forest is even merrier at night so just for your holiday fun, the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees is OPEN 9am to 9pm, Friday nights, December 7, 14 & 21, 2012!” $6 Adults, $5 Seniors and children ages 3-12.

Next event? The Memphis College of Art Holiday Arts Bazaar. We attend this event every year. And the event is very well attended. It’s FREE! Go. When I say there are a TON of paintings and artwork, I really do mean there is a TON of art here for sale. I did see some artwork I wanted to purchase, but most of the pieces were out of my price range. That huge Eiffel Tower painting was great, and the price was not bad either. Just a bit too much money to spend on it. If you want to attend, the event is still going on. Saturday, Nov. 17, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. FREE Admission.

Next event? The Tennessee Vaudeville Revue held a show at Newbys. “An Affair to Dismember”. (Let me state the show gave me a free pass for the event). When a show starts with the words “A tale of terror and ta-ta’s”, well you know the show will be interesting. And with crazed killers named “Glitter Lip”, you know it will be a special evening.

Larry Clark began the show with his sharp, comical stage presence. He didn’t have to say a word to get the audience to laugh. (More about Larry later).

Cherry Cheesecake teased the audience with a knife (the event is titled “An Affair to Dismember” right), and ended her performance with a splash of blood (okay FAKE blood). Is SHE the crazed killer?

Riveting Rosie held the attention of the audience with her style and moves. Now this is a performer I have yet to see on stage. My bet is that you will see more of her in upcoming shows. Watch out for Rosie Memphis.

And just when you thought it was safe, Janet S. Planets took the stuffing out of cute, stuffed animals on stage. Wait. Who is the crazed killer again? I did find it funny that she teased the audience with a stuffed bear in her routine.

Vivica Noir did it backwards in her routine. That’s right, she put her clothes ON during her performance. I always like that twist in burlesque; start with nothing and then get dressed. That usually changes things up in a show. Vivica dressed up for the hunt to find the crazed killer on the loose.

And now back to Larry. Larry knows way to much about small wooden boxes. (I couldn’t juggle them if I tried) Larry also knows a thing or two about large, sharp knives. But no, I’m not one to volunteer to let Larry juggle knives over me (or my private parts). Here is the thing about Larry. In a matter of minutes Larry can heat up an audience. It’s his personality. He has that show biz spark. Larry lights up the stage with his presence.

After Larry was “killed” by the crazed killer, it was intermission time. (Larry was done in by the old “knife in the armpit” trick).

A couple of notes. In my opinion the audience was cold (I’m not talking about temperature in the venue). I’m not sure what the problem was. I speak to groups of people at work, and sometimes your audience just sits there, unmoving. This makes it difficult to get feedback from the audience, affecting my performance. The performers appeared to be on last night, but the audience was sort of off.

I also expected a larger audience for the event. I have witnessed better attended burlesque events at Newbys. Where is the public who want to see live entertainment? Maybe the cold weather kept people at home. Are there to many burlesque events happening in Memphis? Or are the events to close together? I’m not sure. I do like the stage at Newbys better than the Hi-Tone. The stage at Newbys is higher and the performers have more room to work.

I do not know who chooses the music for this group, but I’m amazed at the selection of songs. (I think I know cool music, but I have not heard any of these songs) Whoever makes the music selection for the show is DEEP into music. Very cool music echoed through the venue as the performers danced, teased and did naughty things for the audience.

Thank you Tennessee Vaudeville Revue for the ticket. I hope to be seeing more of your shows in the future.

To finish up, I received Diablo II in the mail. Good game. And harder than I expected. You can play the game in Vista as long as you tweak the game properties. Diablo II looks like a game from the 80’s (the graphics are that silly). And the music from the game is terrible. I may have to play the game with headphones on. Other than the old school graphics and music, the game is great. Basically a hack and slash game. The game will keep me occupied for several weeks at least.

Okay, I am done. See YOU back here for more trees, food, art and burlesque Midtown. Cheers.