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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. And here we go!

I began the day at Republic Coffee. The new Memphis Flyer (issue 1238) is out and this issue is a good one. The first story I noticed was on page 8; “Final Draft“. City council will vote to allow beer tasting in Memphis grocery stores. This is gonna be good folks. Let me tell you a story. A few years back I was in Dallas, Texas visiting friends. We had stopped at a store. A gentleman stood at a display featuring a small local brewery. “Want to try our beer?” Uhhh… you don’t have to ask me twice. I tried all three varieties of the local brew. “I like them all, although you need to work on that “Buffalo Butt” beer sir.” (Yes that was the name of one beer, “Buffalo Butt”) And Texas has some of the toughest and strangest beer laws in the country (I know, I worked for a very large distributor of beer in Texas. Working for a distributor, we could not “touch” the beer on Sundays until noon) My prediction for Memphis? Beer tasting in Memphis will begin with a BANG. People here are THIRSTY for craft beer. Bring on the beer tasting!

The next article I found of interest is on page 82. The “Keeping Busy” article featuring Yolo founder Taylor Berger is very interesting. From the Green Girl Produce project, to the new restaurant “Chiwawa”, things are definitely moving and shaking in Bergers world. (every time I stop by Yolo, I ask the counter person “Are you printing money back there?”) My bet for the new after hours hangout in Midtown? Chiwawa. I’m just sayin’.

And then I noticed an event starting Friday; The Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar. We attend this event every year and buy stuff to hang on our walls. I will tell you now, this event will be crowded. I am amazed at how many people attend this event. There will be a TON of paintings and artwork to purchase. Great stuff here. Check it out Midtown.

Can the place be more crowded?

So the “plan” for Friday is to attend a private event. Attempt to attend the The Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar, then head over to Newby’s for “An Affair to Dismember”. Exhausted? Not yet. “In my younger days I would….” Yeah… I keep forgetting that I am not that young anymore. Since I will be so busy tomorrow, you will not see a post. You will have to wait until Saturday to see what happened in Memphis Friday night… unless YOU get out and see some of these events yourself.

Done! I will see YOU back here soon for more beers, art and burlesque. Cheers.

And make sure to check out “Stuff I Purchased” at the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

The Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar – Friday Nov 16th 6-9 (continues Saturday 10-5) Memphis College of Art

An Affair to Dismember” – Newby’s Friday November 16th. Doors 9 Show 10. Go!