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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

Me? Lately I have been busy with work. I was able to stop in at Republic Coffee for some tea prior to lunch today. Good to be back.

Plans for Friday? First up is a private event. After food and drinks, I am planning to attend “An Affair to Dismember” with the Tennessee Vaudeville Revue.

The show will play at Newby’s on 539 South Highland Street on Friday. Well this should be an interesting show. A slasher on the loose. Burlesque. Magic. Wait. Go back. Did you say burlesque? Yes I did. The event features Vivica Noir, Jackie Boots, your “bro’ of burlesque” Larry Clark, Riveting Rosie,  and many others. Get your tickets here.

Since it is “Spy Week” at http://www.lifehacker.com, I HAD to order the “spy pen” featured in a post. That ordinary pen has a video camera in it. “Spy pen, WATCH MY BICYCLE!” The pen was fairly cheap. Looking forward to the “spy pen” arrival.

The second item I ordered is “Diablo 2”. I have not played ANY of the Diablo games. I figure I could “start” playing an older game. Maybe the game is easier. Maybe. The game only came out 12 years ago. And the best part? I found the game for $10 at amazon.com.

Yeah, I’m done. See YOU back here for more shows, video games and events. Cheers.

And make sure to check out “Stuff I Purchased” at the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

An Affair to Dismember” – Newby’s Friday November 16th. Doors 9 Show 10. Go!