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The weekend may be over, but I had an excellent time. Let me tell you all about it.

Saturday. Work. All day long. 10 hours to be exact. But that’s okay, because after work we headed to Paulette’s downtown for the $20.12 dining menu. My choice? Salad, mashed potato’s, pork tenderloin, and bread pudding. Fantastic. (Sorry, no pictures. I didn’t want to interrupt dinner with our guests.) Now you know where I will be next year for the $20.13 dining week.

Next stop? Hi-Tone for the “16 Scandals” show featuring the Sock It To Me Burlesque group. Here are some of my thoughts of the show. The show started with guys wearing bra’s on their heads. That’s correct, “Weird Science”. I had forgotten the song by Oingo Boingo (I had forgotten a good part of the music from John Hughes movies. Blame it on the 80’s.) A couple of notes; Ladydoo Moi did a good job dancing as the Kelly LeBrock character. She has spark and the moves. And I have to compliment Larry Clark as emcee for the show. He his very sharp. He’s like your “bro’ of burlesque”.

Ladydoo Moi also performed to the song “Big Spender” from the movie “European Vacation”. Yes, I forgot that scene from the movie as well. “Oh yeah…” Doo Moi had the dance down (as well as the moves).

Need some Ferris Bueller? This is gonna be difficult. Let me just state, “You had to be there”. I’m sure the guy with the heavy metal denim jacket in front of me was thinking the same thing; “What the hell is going on here?” If you want to picture an image in your head, try “tassels on butt cheeks”…. on a guy. And that’s all I’m sayin’.

My pick of the night? Kissame Suga. Who can forget the movie “16 Candles”. And just like the movie, Ms. Suga was waiting for her man with a birthday cake (amazingly the cake looked like boobs). Like a smoldering fire, Kissame Suga started her performance slow. At the halfway point the fire was lit. She had a look on her face that was very confident. And the end of her performance brought the house down. I do not know who came up with the ending, but it was great. I am now a fan of Kissame Suga.

After a longggg Saturday, I slept well. Checking my Facebook account this morning, I noticed that Central BBQ downtown had a special for ribs ($10) and wings ($6). You had me at wings.

Arriving downtown, I found this truck parked at Central BBQ. I never knew there was a meth vehicle in Memphis.

Let’s get down to business. Time for wings.

Wait. You want ribs?

You can’t beat wings and ribs on a Sunday afternoon. Oink oink. Want to know a secret? You can ask for less dry rub on your wings at Central BBQ. There is an option button for less rub on the cash register. And I don’t know the name of the manager of Central BBQ downtown, but he is very helpful and cool. Makes you feel right at home.

Before we left, I stopped by the mens room to wash my hands. Fancy schmancy Central BBQ.

Moving on from Central BBQ, we decided to walk around downtown. I took this picture near the Civil Rights Museum.

Moving up Main Street, we came across this sign in a window:

Not that I agree or disagree with the statement by Oscar Wilde. I thought it was an interesting statement downtown.

How about the new Beale Street Landing? Some like it… and others….

This is a picture of the top of the landing. The theme continues lower into the building. Some think this looks like a Rubik’s Cube. I am going with Lego’s.

No, you can’t see the landing up close. The entire site is fenced off. Is this the new face of Memphis? Doubtful, although the landing does look modern.

After a one hour walk around downtown, we headed back home.

Up hill, both ways. Those are some steps, but we made it to the top. Thanks downtown Memphis. Sunday turned out to be a great day. See YOU back here soon for more burlesque, bbq, and beers. Cheers.