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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Get ready Midtown for a big show; “16 Scandals” performed by the Sock It To Me Burlesque group.

Got questions about the show? So do I. So I asked, and here are the answers I got.

Living Loud In Midtown LLIMT: What is your favorite John Hughes movie and why?
Sock It To Me Burlesque performer Madonna Putana: Pretty In Pink has always been my favorite. When I was younger, I really identified with Molly Ringwald’s character…you know, an outsider wanting to fit in, getting made fun of for my clothes (often home-made). We weren’t well off, and I was kind of a weirdo. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve identified more with the Annie Potts character.
LLIMT: Just looking over the movies John Hughes has made makes it difficult for me to choose just one movie. “Sixteen Candles” “Breakfast Club” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, where do I begin? And if Hughes didn’t direct the movie, then he wrote the movie (or the story of my teenage years).

LLIMT: What would you tell someone who is nervous about attending a burlesque show for the first time?
Madonna Putana: I’d tell them that it’s fun, it’s theatrical, often funny ….and yes it’s sexy and sex-positive, but it’s tasteful and empowering. We want everyone to have a fun time, in a positive environment. So don’t expect to see something sleazy. It’s just a tease. It’s something my parents, who are pretty square, know I do and they support my involvement.
LLIMT: Fun Time! Every show I have been to has been fun AND SEXY. Go see the show.

LLIMT: What is your favorite type of music to perform to?
Madonna Putana: I love music from the 1920s to 1960s, stylistically, although I mix a lot of modern music in. To me it’s the feel of the music that I go for. It has to inform my movement and work with my concept. And be something that I think people will enjoy.
LLIMT: Most of the shows I have attended in the past have had a wide range of music. Something for everyone.

LLIMT: Is one type of music better to perform to than another?
Madonna Putana: Not really. I think there is a wide range of genres that you can pull from. It really all depends on how you handle it.

LLIMT: Live music or canned music? Which do you prefer performing to?
Madonna Putana: Right now, recorded music works better for me to synch up with my choreography because It’s more convenient. With live music, I’d need to rehearse with the musicians a lot to feel comfortable and it tends to be hard to make that happen. I don’t rule it out in the future, though.

There you have it. Make sure YOU check out the show and have a FUN and SEXY time. Take your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, your neighbor. You will be glad you attended the show.

Me? I have been working late this week. And it will carry on for the rest of the week. I am still working out the odds and ends of the Ipad Mini. I like the small tablet, I just do not have the time to sort everything out right now.

Lastly, here is a photo from the wedding photo booth. This is my “thoughtful” pose.

Done. I am watching the election results and then time to look into my Ipad Mini. See YOU back again here soon. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Sock It To Me Burlesque – Hi-Tone, November 10th, Doors at 9, $10 tickets. The John Hughes show; “16 Scandals”. Go!