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Movie time Midtown. I enjoy movies. I usually rent movies instead of going to a theater to see a film. That changed this weekend.

The first movie we watched was “The Artist“. This is really a good movie. A silent movie superstar watches as his career slowly declines as the industry embraces the “talking” movies. At the same time a young actress goes from unknown to a superstar. The film is made even more interesting since there is no audible dialogue. The film “is” a silent movie (except for the soundtrack). The actors are so good the movie doesn’t need dialogue. One of the best actors in the film is the dog. Rent this movie today. “The Artist” is a very good film.

Today we stopped in at the Brooks Museum for the film “The Imposter“. I had heard about the background of this documentary. The real players in this “truth is stranger than fiction” film recall the part they played in this mystery in San Antonio, Texas. An imposter, F.B.I. agent, private detective, and a Texas family all tell how a Frenchman “fooled” authorities and the family for a short while. While watching the movie, I repeatedly kept thinking “this is crazy!” A Frenchman, 23 years old, impersonates a 16-year-old missing teen from Texas. His hair and eye color didn’t even match(!), but the family was sure this imposter was the missing teen. The twist near the end of the film made me say “wow” out loud. Go see this movie. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Lastly, I read that the movie “Before Midnight” has completed filming in Greece and will hit theaters next year. The film brings together director Richard Linklater, actor Ethan Hawke and actress Julie Delpy. I first watched “Before Sunrise” on late night cable. And I was hooked. The next movie “Before Sunset” was set in Paris. Both were great movies. The characters Jesse and Celine walk around Vienna (Sunrise) then Paris (Sunset), discussing life and relationships. Several years ago while in Vienna I spent a day running around the city to see where the movie was shot. The day I picked to see the various sights happened to begin with a blizzard. (well maybe not a “real” blizzard, but the snow was coming down horizontally, in my face). The most difficult part was finding the cemetery scene on the outskirts of the city (my last stop). “You can go back to the hotel, one filming location short or… take a chance and try to find the cemetery”. I gambled on the cemetery. I took the subway to the end of the line. Then I caught a bus. (The cemetery was on the edge of town). I jumped off the bus where I “thought” the cemetery was, but discovered I had exited the bus to early. I waited for the next bus, and gave up hope finding this very small cemetery. Just when I thought I would never find it, I saw the correct stop. After I spent a few minutes in the cold taking pictures, I headed back to the center of Vienna, my task complete.

Wait. It gets better. Since my next city to visit was Paris, I spent some time taking pictures at the various places filmed in “Sunset”. The bookstore where the characters first meet again, the cafe where they sit in to catch up, and the tour boat stop along the Seine were all photographed. So now I am curious to find out what has happened to the characters and their lives in “Before Midnight”. Can Jesse and Celine figure things out? You and I will have to wait until 2013.

Get ready for the work week, because here it comes Midtown. Cheers.

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Memphis Events:

Cooper Young First Thursday – Thursday Nov. 1st. Cooper Young. Go!

Sock It To Me Burlesque – Hi-Tone, November 10th, Doors at 9, $10 tickets. The John Hughes show; “16 Scandals”. Go!