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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Here’s to ya.

Rewind back to Wednesday. I woke semi-early and headed to the Greenline. Total miles? Ten. My speed was below my usual, but I am making progress. Beautiful day for a bike ride though. The morning was one of those you felt like you could ride on and on and on. Loved it.

This morning I went for another bike ride. Destination? Overton Park. But first I had to go by the Little Free Library near the corner of Cooper and Peabody. As I made my way there, I passed Central BBQ at 10:00 a.m. The bbq was cooking and the meat made me hungry. “I want some wings!” Okay, it is not lunch time yet.  😦  As I neared the corner of Cooper and Peabody, I stopped and waited to cross the street. Fixed to a pole was this:

Interesting. I’ve been at the corner before and never noticed the sign until now. I read the sign, but I didn’t really get it (more on this later). I snapped the photo and then crossed the street. Arriving at the Little Free Library

I noticed a book by Jimmy Buffett, a couple of books by Rick Riordan, and a “Twilight” book. Read the Buffett book already, so I left two books and will be back to see if I find a book that I want.

Then it was off to Overton Park. I headed west along Peabody, then headed north along S. McLean. Hello bike lane. I made it to Poplar and headed east a couple of blocks until I reached the park. The morning weather was perfect for that ride in the park.

That’s right, Fall is here. I circled to the back of the park, then turned around. I gave myself one hour to ride this morning. I retraced my route back home. Ahhh… a wonderful ride this morning.

Back to the real world. Time to get showered and changed for work. I did pop into Republic Coffee for some tea, read some of my library e-book, then the news. I did find a couple of interesting articles.

First up, the Commercial Appeal reports that Chef Karen Roth has departed Alchemy and will open her own restaurant in the Cooper Young neighborhood. I AM A FAN OF ROTH. When Alchemy first opened, I didn’t think the menu could live up to the hype, but it does. That tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich is the bomb. Fried oysters? A smash hit. I am very interested in her new restaurant. The projected opening of the restaurant? End of March. And I will be there. Ready, set, eat!

Then I found a review of the Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival by Robert Soden / MicroMemphis. The review is very good. While I couldn’t attend this years festival due to a wedding, I attended the festival last year and it was a smash hit. My prediction? The Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival will sell out much sooner next year. You read it here first. From the pictures it appeared those at the festival this year were chilling out, talking to friends and strangers and having a great time. Those were my memories from last years festival.

And finally, here is a side by side picture of my 10-year-old skull shoe (it has holes in the sole) and my NEW skull shoe.

New skull shoe on top, old shoe on the bottom. There is a story about the bottom shoe. The day after a show (in 2002), a teen walked up to my office. Him “Uh, I lost my shoe at last nights show” Me: “You lost ONE shoe???” Him “Thats right, one shoe” Me: “Did you not notice that ONE foot was without a shoe?” Him “My parents are real mad at me. I need that shoe” Me: “Ummm… start looking for it then” as I pointed to the trashed venue. I thought it was so funny that the teen left the show wearing only ONE shoe that I made a wanted poster for the shoe. “Lost one shoe. I need the shoe back badly. Please call Joe Smith if found”. The wanted poster needed a picture of a shoe. Searching the internet I found a picture of a shoe. I printed out the wanted poster and hung it on my office door for all to see. The more I looked at the shoe in the picture, the more I knew I must have the “missing shoe”. The skull shoe above IS the shoe from the wanted poster. I purchased the shoes that very day and have the shoes in the closet (although they are slightly worn now).

Wait, what about that poster at Cooper and Peabody?

When I left Republic Coffee for work, maybe that sign at Peabody and Cooper did something to me subconsciously. I felt like I was the luckiest person in the world and had the best life ever. It almost felt like I was in a “Twilight Zone” episode. Was it the sign? Maybe the endorphins from the bike ride? I’m not sure, but I was in a GREAT mood today. Thanks Cooper Young.

Plans for Friday? River Art Festival downtown. And maybe a ballet this weekend. Get ready for the weekend, because here it comes Memphis.

And make sure to check out the stuff I purchased on the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

Memphis Ballet “The River Project”. Where? Playhouse on the Square. When? October 20–28, 2012 Show times 2p & 8p. Length approx. 90 min. Go!

Trolley Night– Friday October 26th S. Main. Art, food, and wine. Go! The fun begins at 6:00 p.m.

River Arts Festival; Downtown, South Main, October 26th-28th. This year there will be a $5 admission charge. Go!

Cooper Young First Thursday – Thursday Nov. 1st. Cooper Young. Go!

Sock It To Me Burlesque – Hi-Tone, November 10th, Doors at 9, $10 tickets. The John Hughes show; “16 Scandals”. Go!