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And it’s the weekend. Are you enjoying it?

Where to start, where to start… Friday seems good enough. Friday evening we headed over to Alchemy in Cooper Young for dinner.

Yeah, the grilled cheese and tomato soup is the bomb. Get it! Our friend ordered the oysters. Wow! The oysters were fresh tasting. Try them.

After dinner, we walked across the street to Sweet Grass Next Door for dessert. Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie.

The perfect end of the evening with ice cream and apple pie.

Score! Loved it.

Saturday. Greenline Birthday Party. Let’s do it. But first… a ten-mile bike ride. I headed out along the Greenline for 5 miles (just past the wooden bridge that hangs over the river). My speed was good. Turn around. Hello head wind. Speed gets slower. Total? 10 miles in 1 hour 11 minutes. Not bad. By next week I hope to be at 15 miles. I stopped in at the birthday party and checked out the booths along the street.

Ahhh… a place to lock your bike at the birthday party.

After the party, I headed home for a nap. Then I put my suit on and headed downtown for a wedding. The event was held at the Westin. Yeah, the wedding was great.

Sunday morning. The wind had picked up. We headed over to the Pink Palace Craft Show. The first booth we found was occupied by artist Robert Cornman. And again he impressed us with his large amount of great work. In the end we purchased two pieces.

Next stop? Mud Island and Tug’s Restaurant. I ordered the fried catfish and hush puppies. And there are more plans for today. Since this is my birthday weekend, I plan on eating more! I also received the dvd “Prometheus” for my b-day. “In space (or the living room) no one can hear you scream”. Great movie, and I can’t wait to see this prequel again.

Lastly, I received a hint about a show to see; Memphis Ballet will feature new works titled “The River Project”. Reasons to go to the show? The venue (Playhouse on the Square) is ONE MILE AWAY from me. The venue is great. Tickets start at $10. (Live entertainment for $10? Can’t beat it!) And the ballet company is excellent. (My jaw almost dropped at the last Memphis Ballet event we attended. We have world-class talent right here in Memphis. Go!) Check out the show Midtown, it is in your own back yard.

Memphis Ballet “The River Project” Where? Playhouse on the Square. When? October 20–28, 2012 Show times 2p & 8p. Length approx. 90 min. Go!

Alright. Get out and have some fun Midtown. I will see YOU here again. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Broad Ave. Art Walk. Saturday October 20th, 2-8 p.m. FREE.

Memphis Ballet “The River Project”. Where? Playhouse on the Square. When? October 20–28, 2012 Show times 2p & 8p. Length approx. 90 min. Go!

Night Ranger performs at Southland Park in West Memphis, Oct 20th. Tickets are $15. You “know” you know all the words to “Sister Christian”.

River Arts Festival; Downtown, South Main, October 26th-28th. This year there will be a $5 admission charge. Go!