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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Tea; get some.

I stopped in at Republic Coffee at 10:00 a.m. October 11th is the $3 special menu day, celebrating RC placing top in the BOM coffee shops.

The $3 menu lasts all day. Get some. Thanks RC!

Then it was time for training day #2. I rolled out to the Greenline. My goal? 7 miles today (up from 5 miles last Saturday). Today I had some speed to push the bicycle. Well more than 5 m.p.h. speed like last weekend. Pushing past the Greenline mural,

I turned around. As I retraced my route, it started to rain. And I forgot my poncho. And the temperature is 58 degree’s outside. The older guy that rides daily (grey beard, orange reflective vest, rides in the street over the Walnut Grove / Union Bridge) was parked under a bridge. “I forgot my poncho!” I yelled as I passed him by. “Me too!” he replied. At least I wasn’t the only one getting soggy. I completed the 7 miles in 51 minutes, although slightly soaked. I am pleased with my time and progress.

Time to eat lunch, then head to work. See YOU back here for more tea, bikes, and warmer weather. Cheers.

And check out “Stuff I Purchased” at the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

Since Republic Coffee scored high again for votes in BOM, Republic Coffee will offer a $3 special menu for food and drinks on Thursday Oct. 11, all day.

The Pink Palace Craft Fair, Oct. 12-14. Go!

The movie The Goonies will be presented at The Orpheum downtown Friday October 12th at 7:15 p.m. $7 for adults, $5 for children.

The Cooper Young Regional Beerfest. Saturday October 13th (my birthday) 1-5. $35 advance $40 (if avail. at door). I went last year. Great festival to hang and talk to the locals in the neighborhood. Plus GREAT beer. Go! Beer Fest!

Greenline Birthday Party – 10-13-2012 Memphis Greenline. Yeah, check out various area’s along the Greenline. Bikes, bands and food will be there. Will you?

Broad Ave. Art Walk. Saturday October 20th, 2-8 p.m. FREE.

Night Ranger performs at Southland Park in West Memphis, Oct 20th. Tickets are $15. You “know” you know all the words to “Sister Christian”.

River Arts Festival; Downtown, South Main, October 26th-28th. This year there will be a $5 admission charge. Go!