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The weekend is here… and it is cold!

I’ve been busy lately, which is a good thing. We stopped in at Kroger last night (the old Schnucks on Union). If you are bored, check this place out on a Friday or Saturday night. You see EVERYTHING here. GREAT place to people watch (as well as the former Ikes). I never say no to grocery shopping if it is Friday or Saturday night in Midtown.

We did pick up a cinnamon broom last night. The cost? $3.99.

I have ALWAYS wanted to get one. I love the smell. The broom is located by the door for that burst of cinnamon when I arrive home.

Saturday? I’m the busy guy. I started the day by loading the bicycle up for a bike ride. It only took me ONE HOUR to get the bike ready and to find my cold weather gear. After searching high and low, I found my long johns, my NEW t-shirt that is supposed to wick away moisture, workout pants, and warm shoes. What I missed were my gloves, warm jacket (can’t find it, used a different one), and I forgot my ear thingy’s (that is a technical term by the way) that cover my ears.

Making my way to Republic Coffee, I arrived and unloaded the bike. It has been 5 1/2 weeks since I have been on the bicycle. My goal? FIVE MILES. I get everything situated, and I’m off! My chain is stuck. Doh! I check the chain and find that my bike basket is missing a screw, getting in the way of the chain. After a super fast repair, I’m off; again! Except my front tire feels wonky. What the…? It appears I have a flat tire. Roll BACK to the vehicle. I was about to give up (yes I have a spare and tools to fix the tire but I don’t have it in me to fix it), then I checked the tire again. The tire is not flat, just low. I air the tire up, and roll out yet again. Success!

As I rolled along the Greenline, I notice my speed is slow. I can pedal, just not very fast. After several attempts at going fast, I gave up. My legs do not have the speed yet. I’m going for distance, not speed. After hitting 2.5 miles, I turned around. Yes I was cold and breathing hard, but I did fine. I should have planned better for the 50 degree cold (much of the Greenline is shaded which didn’t help keep me warm).

When I arrived back at Republic Coffee, I checked my time and distance. 5 miles in ONE HOUR. Are you kidding me? At this rate it will take two hours to get to work! Alright, it is my FIRST time back on the bike path in a month. My plan is to work on my speed in the next month.

After the bicycle was secured I headed into Republic Coffee to warm up with some green tea. I sat, read the news, and relaxed.

When I arrived home, I forgot I had a trash bag full of plants a friend gave us. The plants have been sitting in a garbage bag for ONE WEEK! If those plants are still alive, they are worthy of my flower bed. To tell the truth, 12 out of 15 plants survived. So I planted them. I have no idea what kind of plants they are, but I am pretty sure they are perennials. Dig a hole, stick ’em in the ground, fill in with dirt. That should do it. Free plants, so no worries if the plants die. I doubt they will though, the plants appear to be pretty tough.

I have to give a shout out to Hueys on Madison. We stopped in last Sunday and shared a burger.

Hello Huey Burger

But we picked up an extra burger to go as well. Lunch on Monday was good with that Huey burger. “What’s that your cooking?” my co-worker asked. “Huey burger” I replied. It’s almost like going to lunch at Huey’s, except I brought Hueys to work. And a thank you to Brennan. Nice guy and a good server.

Lastly, if anyone knows who or what is playing the Huey Lewis album “Sports” (I had to Google the band to find out the name of the album) full blast at the corner of Central and E. Parkway S. DAILY; please let me know. I was good with the album THE FIRST DAY. After one week, I am done with it. Also, SOMEONE “REALLY” likes the song “The Heart of Rock and Roll” because they played that song 10 times in a row today.

Seriously. I AM DONE WITH IT. How about some Black Sabbath? (and yes, I’ve worked the show. It doesn’t mean I have to hear the album EVERY DAY!)

Alright, I have no idea what we will be doing tonight. Stay warm Midtown, I will see YOU soon. Cheers.

And check out “Stuff I Purchased” at the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

Since Republic Coffee scored high again for votes in BOM, Republic Coffee will offer a $3 special menu for food and drinks on Thursday Oct. 11, all day.

The Pink Palace Craft Fair, Oct. 12-14. Go!

The movie The Goonies will be presented at The Orpheum downtown Friday October 12th at 7:15 p.m. $7 for adults, $5 for children.

The Cooper Young Regional Beerfest. Saturday October 13th (my birthday) 1-5. $35 advance $40 (if avail. at door). I went last year. Great festival to hang and talk to the locals in the neighborhood. Plus GREAT beer. Go! Beer Fest!

Greenline Birthday Party – 10-13-2012 Memphis Greenline. Yeah, check out various area’s along the Greenline. Bikes, bands and food will be there. Will you?

Broad Ave. Art Walk. Saturday October 20th, 2-8 p.m. FREE.

Night Ranger performs at Southland Park in West Memphis, Oct 20th. Tickets are $15. You “know” you know all the words to “Sister Christian”.

River Arts Festival; Downtown, South Main, October 26th-28th. This year there will be a $5 admission charge. Go!