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Rain and cool weather to start the day. At least the plants are watered.

Last night we stopped in at Mulan Bistro in Cooper Young. While our friend ordered sushi, we ordered egg drop soup, an egg roll, and fried rice.

All of that easily fed two of us. And our waiter Daniel was very helpful. Great service.

I began today by stopping in at Republic Coffee for a cup of tea. Since the shop was cool inside, I sat outside on the patio and sipped my tea. After reading the news (boring), I picked up my old Kindle and jumped into the book “The Third Gate” by Lincoln Child.

The book is on loan from the Memphis Library for FREE. Excellent book. Great characters, and a great story line. Egyptian curses and lost treasure. Sign me up. I hope the author makes this book into a series.

After I finish “Third Gate”, it is back to “Return to Atlantis” by Andy McDermott.

Another good book as well.

And to top all of my book reading off, there is a new non-fiction book available from the Memphis Library about the murder of King Tut. And that book goes “next” on my list of books to read. To many books, not enough time.

Get ready for the work week, because here it comes! Cheers. And check out the stuff I purchased at the top of the page.

Memphis Events:

First Thursday – Thursday Oct. 4 Cooper Young

Greenline Birthday Party – 10-13-2012 Memphis Greenline

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012 Cooper Young