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And I’m back… sort of. In other words I’ve escaped the house. Live from Republic Coffee…

So what have I been up to lately? Let me run down the list of things. For the last few weeks I’ve had a few sandwiches from Central BBQ, since the shop is located half a block away. Most of the time I would send my father there to pick up a sandwich for lunch.

Loving me some Central BBQ.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours out and about. Most of the day was dedicated to a doctor’s appointment though. We did pop into “Just For Lunch” on Poplar (3092 Poplar Ave) and ate a lemon parfait for dessert. Hello lemon. Even Urban Spoon rates “Just For Lunch” a good place to eat. Try it.

I have also been reading a few books. “Ghost Maps” by Steven Johnson is about the cholera outbreak in London. The book contains interesting facts about society in London.

I also read “Iron Man” by Tony Iommi.

“Iommi’s take” on the history of Black Sabbath. I’m sure each person in the band has their own story to tell. Still a good book.

What book am I reading now? “Return to Atlantis” by Andy McDermott.

Speaking of books, I did stop by the Little Free Library on Peabody and Cooper (south side of the street on Peabody).

I didn’t find a book I wanted to read this time, but I will go back.

Hey you have all this free time, what about video games. Yes, I purchased “Drakes Revenge” for about $20 from Amazon.

Good game. And I can actually play the game! (not one of those “jump, shoot, flip backwards, and shoot again” type of games)

I will state one fact; THERE IS NOTHING ON T.V. DURING THE DAY! And I have 300 t.v. channels. Work is a much better option than just sitting at home.

We did rent the movie “Battleship” the other night. I did not realize you could make a movie without a story or actors; but apparently Hollywood did. I am supposed to watch another rented movie today, “The Raid” since my wife doesn’t want to watch it. At least the previews were cool.

Wow. Driving. I drove for the first time in four weeks today. The whole thing feels odd. I am not used to driving, but I better get used to it. No bike to work for at least a few more weeks.

Trolley Night is fast approaching (Friday Night). If you have never been to Trolley Night, head downtown for FREE WINE, snacks, art and people watching. GO!

More writing when and if I get out of the house. See YOU soon. Cheers.

Trolley Night – Friday 9-28-2012 South Main downtown. The fun begins at 6:00 p.m. Go!

Greenline Birthday Party – 10-13-2012 Memphis Greenline

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012 Cooper Young