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Sunday. Have you recovered from your night out Midtown?

Last night I took part in the Midnight Classic Bike Ride. Two words… AWESOME. Loved it. I arrived early to pick up my registration packet and was given a route map. Wait… the map shows we are riding down Poplar.

Are you kidding me? We are riding down Poplar? One of the most busiest streets in Memphis. Wow. Because of construction near the U of M, the ride was routed down Poplar. This is going to be fun. I went back home and made sure my gear (lights, tool kit) was packed and ready to go.

Arriving back at the shopping center, there wasn’t room to park. The lot was packed with several hundred cyclists. This is CRAZY. But in a good way.

I found a couple of my friends and we lined up in the starting lane. Here… we… go! Although I had gone along for the ride last year, my friends had yet to ride with a group. Might as well start with several hundred others. We took the ride at a slower pace. I planned the ride this way. I wanted to enjoy the ride. After riding east, we headed south, then west along Poplar. I shouted out loud “We are riding down Poplar!” I imagine the motorists approaching us were shocked to see us riding on Poplar. Turning south down Highland, we took a right on Central. When we approached Central and E. Parkway South, I pointed out several sights in my neighborhood to my friends. Later we headed east down Peabody and came to the Slider Inn. Customers were outside on the deck cheering us on. “Where is MY beer?” I shouted to the crowd. We made our way north towards Poplar and then headed west. Then we made our way to the zoo. You can always tell when you reach the zoo by the smell of the animals. Later we turned east along Union and headed to the bridge. Hope you saved your legs. I reached the top of the bridge without trouble. We neared Highland and turned south to reach the finish line. “Let’s do one more lap!” I shouted as we finished the Midnight Classic Bike Ride. We finished the ride in one hour and forty-five minutes. A great ride!

My friends went to stow their bikes while I found the beer booth. Hello Fat Tire.

Get beer. Get back in line. Drink beer. Get beer. Get back in line. Drink beer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Yeah, I stayed in that beer line until the Fat Tire ran out.

As I was drinking my beer, a cyclists asked me, “Are you the guy that rides on the Greenline daily and rings the bell at everyone you go by?” Guilty. He passes me daily. We chatted for several minutes about commuting. Good guy and good to talk to another bicycle commuter.

A few minutes later a guy is standing next to me. I recognized him. I asked him, “You go to Republic Coffee every morning right?” He did. We chatted for a few minutes about RC. I was stunned when he told me he recognized me from the Greenline. Apparently he drives to work, but gets out on the Greenline in the evening. I never recognized him while riding along the Greenline.

After an hour of drinking beer, I called my wife and asked her to pick me up. I arrived home tired and tipsy, but had a great time at the Midnight Classic Bike Ride.

“Uhhhh….. is it morning?” I asked this question at 11:00 a.m. Hello world. Hello hangover. Time for lunch (so much for breakfast). Hello Mulan Bistro Cooper Young. I slowly walked into the restaurant. “A Bloody Mary please”.

My beautiful wife with an excellent Bloody Mary. These drinks were GOOD! She ordered sushi

and I ordered the Pad Thai Chicken (which I always get).

It sounds crazy, but the food gets better and better each time I return to Mulan Bistro Cooper Young. The spice in the chicken is just right. The egg drop soup tasted excellent. And again, the Bloody Marys were excellent. Try them out Midtown.

When I checked my email, I received a message from the Memphis Public Library. The book by Lincoln Child “The Third Gate” is ready for download. Again, I would have purchased the book. Instead I am reading the book for FREE. Thanks Memphis Public Library!

Okay I am beat. Although the ride didn’t do me in, the beer did. See YOU back here tomorrow for more bikes, sushi and books.

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