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(Since I am working VERY late tonight, you get a warmed over post from last week; the LOST post. Even warmed over, I think the post is a good one.)

Okay, the lost post. While attempting a quick post last week, I guess I forgot to save the post prior to uploading the post to the dark reaches of cyberspace. And that is where the post went to; the dark reaches of cyberspace. So I will attempt to re-write the post again.

So why were you in Texas again? Oh yeah, for a concert. Just some small band called IRON MAIDEN. (you can almost see me in the picture. I’m the one in the black t-shirt.)

But first, I had to eat. I strolled around downtown San Antonio, checking out my favorite haunts. Since it was lunch time, how about some Bill Miller BBQ. This is BEEF Midtown. Kill the cow. And cook it up real good. With sweet sauce.

Ahhh… memories. I used to swing by this location many evenings to pick up dinner while working a show. In the winter time, I would choose a quart of vegetable soup. The server would add mexican rice to the mix as well. After ordering a small loaf of bread, I was set. Loved it. If you grew up in San Antonio, you were REQUIRED to eat at Bill Millers. Or at least drink the ice tea.

I also had the chance to walk along the Riverwalk downtown.

In the past, I would jog along the river downtown in the mornings before the tourists arrived. Loved it.

If you want a romantic bridge to smooch on, here it is:

I walked on over to the Alamo for old times sake. Yes I walked by the Alamo for YEARS on a daily basis. “Where is the Alamo?” I would hear from tourists.

After touring the basement of the Alamo (great tour, ask about it), it was time for a bicycle ride. YOU can rent a bicycle in downtown San Antonio. (see my post about the San Antonio bicycle share program posted on 8/18/2012). Renting the bicycles are very easy and fun to do. Check it out if you go to San Antonio.

And yes, I did end up going to the show “Iron Maiden”. Great performance by the band as usual. Our seats were upgraded and friends purchased my beer (I always had a full beer the entire evening). I even received a show t-shirt from my oldest friend. Great time Texas. I can’t wait to return. Cheers!

Check out the “Stuff I Purchased” on the top left side of the page.

Memphis Events:

Midnight Classic Bike Ride – 8/25/2012

“Hell Yes Burlesque” – 8/25/2012 Hi-Tone. Doors 9, Show @ 10. $10 tickets.

Macy’s Zoo Brew – Friday August 31, 7-10 at the Memphis Zoo.

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest – 10/13/2012